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    WWI combat clothing and USAF Flight clothing and gear, Korea thru Vietnam
  1. Photos of tigerstripe on display form in my office.
  2. Update on my Col. Coady items. Back in March of this year I was able to purchase the Col Coady tigerstripe flightsuit, flight helmet and related flightgear and patches from Badash5946. Thank you Badash5946 for the opportunity to acquire these items.
  3. Thank you Woodymyster - that's what it is, the national Chinese Order of the Cloud and Banner, 7th Award with Rosette. Veteran's family asked if I could help ID some of the USAF Officer's ribbons. 3 war vet - WWII Pacific (possibly CBI), Korea and Vietnam. Again thanks for the assist.,
  4. Please see attached ribbon rack. Belonged to USAF officer who was a 3 war vet - WWII Pacific and Army of Occupation, Korea and Vietnam. Was also a Reservist as evidenced by his Armed Forces Reserve Medal (6th row down). The ribbon I am trying to identify is the third ribbon on the sixth row down. It's red, yellow and white stripes with a round "sun" or not sure what its called, added to the center of the ribbon. Not sure if its a foreign award or a state (U.S.) award. Would appreciate any assistance in identifying this ribbon. Thank you.
  5. Dave - the print is "The Fighter Pilot" by the late Maxie McCaffrey. It was commissioned by Republic Aviation and presented to the Red River Valley Pilots Association (River Rats) in 1973. The inscription reads: "The Fighter Pilot - Dedicated to the Fighter Pilots who flew in Southeast Asia 1964 - 1973 Their mission was to fly, and fight and they didn't forget it!" The River Rats made smaller prints available and I had my copy autographed by Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie, USAF's top Vietnam Mig Ace (5X) when he came to the air base I was working at, as a luncheon speaker, back in 1999.
  6. Franco - The SRU-21 vest is the first version wit the snaps, not velcro pocket closures. Never had a holster sewn to it. Its complete with RT-10 radio, first aid kit, water blader, compass etc. Just picked up another first version SRU21 vest with an extra radio pocket on front for a RT-10 type radio, not the longer pocket that came in later for the PRC-90 radio.
  7. Franco - the BA-18 is date from 1964, The F-1B automatic rip cord puller was used along with the newer FF-1 "lolipop" rip cord puller. I reviewed a lot of F-105 crew photos and saw both types used. Mine was missing the red hook so I used a hook off of an old PCU-21 lowering device set as I have not located the red hook. If you know a source for that part, please advise. Parachute rip cord handle again, standard type, not the "blast handle" that your's has but both were used. Gloves atre the grey B-3A. Nav bag is from an F-105/F-4 pilot and has the kneeboard, flashlight, check lists. Pistol belt has rigger made loops added for 38 ammo though its hard to see in pic. 2nd pattern jungle boots.
  8. Hi Franco - yes, thats my composite F-105 pilot from alte 1967/early 68 (before the bombing halt). Still need to add F-105 patches. Hoping to to locate an original K-2B from an THUD Driver some day.
  9. Hi Dale - see attached pic. It was a large iron-on transfer, from the late 1960/early 70s. I applied it to a piece of plexiglass then had it matted and framed.
  10. Finally, I was able to buy from the ebay dealer, a named parachute bag when then Maj Coady was assigned to the 66th Fighter Weapons Sq at nellis AFB, NV between his Nam tours. I also was able to purchase a named CSU-3 g-suit, 72 dated nomex gloves, a set of F-16 check lists, a period survival knife and a set of "shower curtain" escape and evade maps for SEA (not shown).
  11. The other flightsuit I have is a 1981 dated CWU-27 with full colonel eagles on shoulders, Fighter Weapons School graduate patch on left sleve,TAC patch on front. Right patch was removed, just have a black leatheette backing. Difficult to ID what that paych may have been based on shape and going against a list of Col Coady's assignments after 1981. All patches and rank use theis backing. The suit came out of the estate sale but from a different dealer. Leather name block was also missing but was ablew to have a dupicate made based on pics from ebay sales.
  12. I am posting pics of the other items I acquired from Col Coady's estate. He origionally was an Air Defense Pilot flying the F-102 with the 82nd FIS in the early 1960s. Flightsuit patches and rank insignia are origional as I received this item. Missing his leather name block.
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