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  1. “Lucky Strike Green Has Gone to War!” so the story goes ... But the white pack replacing the original green one, was nothing more than marketing and a business decision to sell more cigarettes, because female smokers prefered the white packed brands. The war and patriotism was just a welcome excuse for the rebranding.
  2. Love this topic! Not uncommon cigarettes, but it's a great story. TOP HAT camp Antwerp Belgium In 1945 the American forces set up a series of camps to bring their troops home after the end of World War II. The camps, most of which were located in France, were named after a brand of American cigarette, a desirable and valuable commodity (Camp Lucky Stripe, Camp Pall Mall, Camp Chesterfield, etc.). Tophat, a virtual city comprised of thousands of tents was set up on the outskirts of Antwerp, Belgium in close proximity to its world-class harbor. Unlike the French "cigarette camps" it
  3. Thanks guys! Living in Belgium it takes some effort finding the less common small GI items. a lot more to be found in the States But, that's part of the fun I guess P
  4. Brings the total to this... long way to go still
  5. Added this one, and a few metal boxes to the collection yesterday Series 114 TOP tobacco
  6. And If I Perish: Frontline U.S. Army Nurses in World War II Great reading. These nurses were more then heroes.
  7. Nice collection Bas ! Greetings from a Belgian neighbor :-)
  8. Great info Ron! Both are easy to order online here. Thanks for the tips Peter
  9. Thanks for the tip! We have these large silica gel packs at work. Take a me a few of these. For the oiling, metal parts only, or do I apply a touch of gun stock oil for the wood? or leave that untouched? Thanks. Over here they have been demilled , but not torched to pieces luckely, so they still make a nice display piece. What is about the only thing allowed to have for the plain Belgian guy.
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