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  1. Dirk, a little late in catching up with the forums. I happen to have a converted tunic, from standing to rolled. It is named, but looks like they replaced the sleeve lining, so no manufacture marks or date. You can send a PM to discuss more.
  2. Outstanding grouping, as with everyone else, I love to see items from those select Marines who served with the OSS.
  3. for the cover displays, I used a vertical wall mounting strips for shelving, then took a wood cut-out (like for small plaques) from a hobby store and attached that to the shelving brackets. It allows me to change the display height whenever and I can put more covers in a smaller space as compared to shelves and hat stands.
  4. Very nice and growing collection. Love the history.
  5. I am guessing several of you may also have the same problem, the spouse likes to keep all of our treasures contained in one room, I managed to get a small display wall in the main part of the house. I need to add some more to it, but at least I don't have to go to the far side ofhe house to see things.
  6. Continuing around the room. The tall display case is still a work in progress. A look going at the top and going down the shelves. The last wall has some nice 1913 thru WW1 officer sets. The Service Greens are from then Captain F.H. Delano (there is a well see photo of Delano, SgtMaj. Quick, Neville, Lejeune and Butler in Vera Crux, MX.) (the cover is an add-on for display, wish I had the original). The original group had been broken up years ago, I managed to get the tunic and three pairs of pant, then 15 year later I came across a pair of his dress Blues pants
  7. I am sure like many of you, your display room has changed over the years. After a recent move to a new house, I am finally getting my room back to a presentable space. I still have a closet for uniforms and several cabinets filled with other smaller items that still need good homes, but here are some photos of what I have so far. The images needed to be compressed, so they are not as crisp as I hoped. Hope you enjoy the views and thanks for taking a look. Let's walk around the room, starting with the some uniforms, I plan to add a second level of shelving so I can display more tunics.
  8. Very nice grouping, I happen to live near one of the airfields where the Paramarines trained in Southern California. It is nice to be close to such rich history.
  9. Great looking group. Another interesting items is that he only has one Sgt. chevron on the right sleeve, I always attributed the single chevron to Army practice.
  10. that patch is kind of cool looking, great design
  11. that is a realy nice display and a great story to accompony it, great find
  12. The button does look like an early US Coast Guard button, here is a link, scroll down and you can see the images http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/173001-us-military-uniform-buttons-interesting-facts/
  13. this looks outstanding, great job
  14. the tank looks great
  15. the tank looks great
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