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  1. The implements tray is actually separate from the subsequent tray beneath it which has the inkwell holes bored into it. Most of the Field Desks actually had two individual holes for inkwells as opposed to one ovoid slot.
  2. That actually would not have been something used in a Field Desk. Both the Field Desk and the Headquarters Desk contained a pair of black Bakelite inkwells, with cork gaskets, that lived in their own built-in holders within the desks. One was of course for the standard Blue-Black writing ink, and the other was for Red writing ink.
  3. Is that a contract piece? Perhaps a thread on office furniture is in order?
  4. I’m somewhere in between. For original office supplies and forms, I’ll pretty much pay the asking price if it’s within reason. At the same time, I’ve also hedged my bets on a few things because prices were too high. Most recent one was a CY-38 spare parts chest. I need one to complete my AN/TIQ-2 public address set, I’ve never seen one for sale, yet when the “bottom dollar” price is $150 and the guy says he paid over $80 for it, I’m not about to reward someone for overpaying. I almost ignored my better judgement and offered the $150, but at this point there’s no way I’d pay anywhere near t
  5. If you follow the links in my post, those will take you to my images. For some reason the forum only lets me link to my images rather than putting them into my posts. And I've never seen that brand of typewriter oil before. If you want to part with a bottle or two, drop me a line.
  6. Here are some photos of the pencils that I carry/use in my Field Desk as part of my AAF Clerk impression. This forum apparently wont let me put my photos in my post, so you'll have to go and visit each photo. This is the overall grouping of the pencils i use: https://photos.app.goo.gl/qdCgUL2WPn3FNcFf9 Dixon Ticonderoga No.1, No.2, and No.3. I have yet to acquire any No.4. Venus Verithin red, and TUFF-TEX green and blue. I keep two loose examples of each of these in the writing utensil tray of the the upper drawer of my field desk. Here's a closeup of the different metal-saving
  7. So apparently my discussion of pencils may have spurred the market some. Recent auction prices for wartime Dixon Ticonderogas on eBay have doubled from where they were previously. A full box of No.2 or No.3 pencils shouldn't be going for more than $30, yet just recently a full box of the early-war metal ferrule No.2s sold for nearly $60! Prices first jumped when a reenacting group discussed wartime Dixon Ticonderoga pencils on their Facebook page, and right after I posted my information here and this forum's Facebook group, the prices have now doubled. I honestly didn't think anyone but m
  8. In terms of Militart Railway Service, my main interest is in the Railway Operating Battalions, especially the 746th ("sponsored" by the MKT but actually trained by the PRR) as I'm in a small living history group that is dedicated to portraying the 746th ROB. But anything military railroading always intrigues me. I just did an event at the Strasburg Rail Road on Memorial Day weekend, and it was actually our first official event portraying the 746th, and the railroad had us riding a dedicated mixed freight, and later we were part of a photo shoot all centered around us and the trains.
  9. That's a very well put together map case! And your other photos are excellent as well! I'll have to get mine posted tomorrow night when I finally have some spare time to actually sit at my laptop. Then it'll be time to start taking photos and drafting a write-up for the next topic. I'm going to try to go in order of the list, save for where I have gaps in my collection, so that'll mean I'll be moving on to BRUSHES and working my way down from there, unless I miraculously acquire an example of any of the items that come before BRUSHES. -Cody F. "The Air Corps Cle
  10. Has anyone ever seen, owned, or currently owns, an original WWII era (or pre-WWII) US Army or War Department seal for use with sealing wax? Searching here and on google has continually yielded me no information or any sort of pictures. Ideally i'd like to acquire an original, but even some clear photos of the seal and the impressions it makes with some accurate mesurements would be helpful. Thanks all! Cody F "The Air Corps Clerk"
  11. I'd say that isn't for clerical/administrative purposes, but rather strictly a draftsman's or mapmaker's chest given all the drafting related tools and the presence of mechanical pencils.
  12. I have a wartime Boston model L pencil sharpener, but I have yet to find a matching desk clamp for it. I happened to find a wartime advertisement for Boston sharpeners inside a sealed box of Hunt brand pen nibs, so that is what I used for my reference. But I have a feeling that a small hand sharpener would be more commonplace in a Field Desk. I just haven't gone about finding one yet. As for the "oblong" pencils erasers, I have two kinds. An original Eberhard Faber "Pink Pearl" No.100, and a Ruwe Pencil Co. "No.206 PINK" (of which I have plenty of useable extras if anyone needs a goo
  13. I was saving this dissertation for once I started working my way through the list of items I currently have, and gotten pictures taken of everything, but I suppose pencils is a good place to start. For regular pencils I use wartime Dixon Ticonderoga pencils. I have seen some written references and one photo that corroborate their use at least in the ETO. The wartime ones can be identified be the ferrule. Sometime in 1942 the ferrule changed from a gold metal, to a cardboard ferrule that is green with two yellow stripes, and some of these were still packaged in boxes still depicting th
  14. It has its moments, that's for sure. For my actual display for living history events, right from the start I decided to not limit myself to just WWII-era military/commercial items, or else i'd never had made as much progress as I have. As I go along I just continually try to acquire more appropriate examples of each item, while still trying to find the rest of the items I need. When I get a chance to sit down with my laptop I plan on also posting some photos of my progress list. I started acquiring stuff about 13 months ago, and I honestly expected to have some kind of example of each item
  15. Hi all, I'm Cody. Life-long resident of southern New Jersey. At not yet 23 I'm one of the young ones in the militaria and living history communities. My main interest is WWII, with a focus on US Army and Army Air Forces clerical/administrative stuff at the lower levels. I'm especially interested in office supplies, and in blank forms/paperwork. Many folks find it boring, and few folks give this stuff much thought or care, but it's what keeps me going in life. I don't know of anyone else who is actively collecting this kind of stuff, but I hope I'm not the only one. I do living h
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