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  1. Found this and like it. Question is....this military or civil coat. Only visible tag is size on collar. Size 42 .
  2. Wowww didnt see this, I own few EX 48 sets. EX 50 is new to me! Have you requested at the Quatermaster the files for this?
  3. Hi This group on facebook has great pictures on vehicles and soldiers in uniforms. https://www.facebook.com/groups/217885102491756/ US military vehicles in the vietnam war
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/EX-48-1-US-Army-Fishtail-Parka-Mod-Prototype-Fibreglass-Liner-M-48-M-1948-M-48/273836118211?hash=item3fc1e790c3:g:9IwAAOSwPrdcMSeO
  5. Usually they are taged or stamped in many parts. If not i would suggest a civil item.
  6. Owen could you make a picture of the M-48 liner? Is the pocket on the fleece side? That is very strange. Usually you have an rayon layer there. Karl
  7. Owen depends on size and condition. Tags present? Liner matching size? On ebay with good pictures could get 400 dollars. Sometimes only less then 100.
  8. Nice first epaullete contract M-65 jacket!(1967) and the best is most patches are cut edge!!!! Great piece man! Karl
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