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  1. So do you think they will actually pull the MOH ribbon?
  2. Looks like it might be a "resealed" old bag, weird that they would cut half their name off on purpose. The badge is is modern of course.
  3. Looks all "period" to me! Interesting wing.
  4. It's British Commonwealth not sure of era
  5. Well IMO both T/O's are re-strikes and the WASP is a JW cast repop
  6. Well I didn't know he selling there.....
  7. IMO they are worth the weight of the sterling ☺
  8. Now that I am not in a moving car.. I agree, the eagles are nice WWII era examples
  9. The command pilot wings are restrikes
  10. I personally would pass on these too.. Dave Hoover has a real set 3" ( $175.00) here http://www.militaryaviationartifacts.com/wings.htm under Glider
  11. Ditto above, I was told by a much wiser WWI collector , that the US in different sizes is a dead giveaway
  12. After seeing what else is there, including the ID badge and bracelet , I looks more encouraging, but not conclusive. There was a name in the helmet listed: " Ed Kelly"
  13. Part of determining the provenance of high dollar wings is knowing were they came from , both the Naval Observer and Balloon Pilot wings are very rare and highly faked, thus the questions. I have owned some examples of some of these wings and I wouldn't hazard to give my opinion on any of these using the current pictures.. If the seller wants 100.00 for the group go for it but if the asking price is thousands then better pictures are warranted.
  14. I agree, with the time period , and BELIEVE I have seem one in sterling.
  15. This one looks to be "hot off the presses", I would most definitely pass! Paul
  16. Looks like one from that seller out of Mexico, can't remember the name...
  17. I would pass on this one personally. The Whitehead and Hoag ATC wings were re-struck on original dies out East somewhere in, I believe, the late 80's or early 90's and put on NOS cards. This one looks "fresh off the shelf" to me. Paul
  18. Patrick, Had I not been on my phone, I would have said the same. I just hate typing on the tiny keyboard ? Paul
  19. Looks to be a 2" Bell pattern gunner - WWII era
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