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  1. David, Who is the maker on the Aerial Gunner? Paul
  2. David, Who is the maker on the Aerial Gunner? Paul
  3. Justin, Great save! I have done this several times myself, in fact the majority of the groups on my site (www.conradwings.com) were acquired like this. I am always amazed now hard it can be to get information out of family members. They don't care or just don't know. Sometimes though, you can make a great connection, I have a few groups that, every once and a while, something just turns up in the mail with a note like " Just found this, thought you would like it". Also, I LOVE it when you find stuff in the pockets. I once picked up a plain 4 pocket in a thrift store when I was a teenager,
  4. Thanks for the great comments guys! BTY the URL is changing to: http://www.conradwings.com
  5. Real, I've have/seen lots of these ( makes me sad every time)
  6. Here is a new favorite, just picked it up yesterday! Came out of a scrapbook A near mint J.R. Gaunt 3" pilot wing: (This is a little fuzzy on purpose)
  7. This easy green guys stuff is VERY SCARY!!
  8. Ricardo, Incredible group!! Hard to believe that this one made it out to the collector's market. Paul
  9. Yes, the guys ebay handle is johnny b good or something similar
  10. In keeping with the big ribbon bar theme here are some from the Gen. Sorensen group that goes with the painted A-2 I posted earlier
  11. Well here is one of my favorites, it's part of a huge group I acquired directly from the the estate. The jacket belonged to Silver Star winner Theodore W. ''Ted'' Sorensen 723rd Bomb Squadron. The A2 is great by itself, but he was also the guy who is credited with designing the squadron insignia. Also posted is the "submission" patch , named and dated on the back! This is the "original" patch!
  12. Nope you were right, same one! I need to check all my threads first!
  13. OK, I am speechless.. and it can be yours for only $60 item: 110076270428 Then; 110076401311 of all the things to show close up he picks the discharge pin LOL
  14. OK here are a few: ( Ok it's not AAF , but it's pretty ) Paul
  15. This is Russ Huff's site, the author of Wings of WWII. He has a lot of nice groups and displays, and copies of his books. http://www.thewingding.com/ (I designed the site, ask me if you need one ) Russ is a really nice guy and is always willing to answer questions.
  16. Well here are a few of my favorites.. Angus & Coote - STG. SIL Theater made Service Pilot Bombardier - "Balfour - Sterling" GEMSCO pattern 1st pattern Flight Surgeon ATC Pilot More later!
  17. Well I think so It's my site: http://training.incolsa.net/wing/index.html I put the site up to serve as a reference. I have pictures of wings, patches and groups. I don't still have all the "stuff" but I would be happy to answer any questions. I hope members will find it useful.
  18. That was new to me , made me laugh out loud! http://img206.No_outside_hosting.us/my.php?image=beltring5rb7.jpg What's the problem with the blonde , her uniform looks perfect to me
  19. Great Display! Hum, collection displayed upstairs in a room with a window? You must be single :-)
  20. My understanding is that the blue rectangle thing was a very unit specific, non official practice. I have had many Vet purchased flight crew uniforms that did not have the blue rectangle. The uniforms that I think are suspicious are those with the “factory” embroidered gold border on the blue rectangle!
  21. Mark, No I purchased this from her daughter, along with her fathers 4 pocket; he was an aviation engineer in the Pacific theater, still researching him. Paul
  22. This was part of a display I did for The Michigan Company of Collectors and Historians ( I've been a member since 1978) . The speaker for the event was Roger Hall, OSS author of my favorite WWII book " You’re Stepping on my Cloak and Dagger ". The group is to Lt Edith Beale. Allied Forces , in charge of security cryptology section for a base in Italy. Huge group, with all the paperwork, I also have her 3rd officer’s dress uniform, just couldn’t get another small torso form in time!
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