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  1. Unfortunately I believe this particular wing is one of these: http://www.1903.com/Pre-WWI/1913-Military-Aviator-1st-US-Pilot-Wings-Sterling-GP-p1084.html and not the actual Blackinton copy
  2. Look to be nice late war to early 1950's Meyer wings
  3. Right, end of the war thank you letter.
  4. Artillery Spotter Liaison Pilots also - I had a named group for one years ago - was a Sergeant
  5. http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/roadshow/season/21/palm-springs-ca/appraisals/military-aeronaut-wing-ca-1920--201605T13/
  6. Yes, Number One is a non-military "kids , fashion, souvenir , whatever" piece, the Pilot is late WWII to mid 50's, the Aircrew ( Vietnam era?) is fine, I don't think anyone is faking these (yet)
  7. You're kidding right.... I sold a set of these for $350.00 - stunning
  8. I used to be really into ATC and have owned several Pilot wings, I always stayed away from Whitehead and Hoag as someone had a set of dies for them and some card-stock Those had a different hallmark as discussed here:http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/254243-atc-wings-are-these-original/ Personally, I would buy these and sleep well. Paul .
  9. The real advice, bit on the sum of the parts! NO way to tell if it's been put together using real patches.
  10. Does have the uber rare" Meritorious Unity" patch
  11. Very nice WWII era wing, I would buy it without hesitation ( depending on price! )
  12. Actually makes sense for an Aerial Photography school, pretty stable platform for pictures!
  13. I believe this pattern is in the Wings of Gold book
  14. Front looks look to me I have one just like it in 3"...
  15. First awesome mint wings, and second - this is going to open up the whole Amcraft - GEMSCO debate again
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