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  1. I agree, I was really into ATC wings for a while ( wish I still had them all) and these look stone cold good! The ones to be particularly vary of are the Whitehead and Hoag marked wings. It's my understanding that someone on the east coast was making these from the original dies back in the late 90s.
  2. Nice find! This is a perfect example of why I always tell people NOT to donate things to museums, and if they do, just know that museums OFTEN sell or otherwise get rid of things! Not that I blame them of course, can't keep everything.
  3. I wrote a long post about these a few years ago. I believe them to be "House of Swords" repros from the early 80's if I recall.
  4. I think your pictures are mixed up, the bottom looks to be an Amcraft pattern pilot.
  5. I would buy this Flight Surgeon without hesitation, looks like a nice WWII era wing from these pics. The T/O is modern, I have a bunch of unfinished brass strikes of this one I bought a few years ago as an example - I'll see if I can dig them up.
  6. This looks like one by "he who must not be named" in my opinion.
  7. I would agree with Kropotkin, could be late WWII though (thru the 50's )
  8. It's a good time to collect, seems like the wing market has tanked except for the really high end stuff.
  9. From the pictures, all but the Meyer T/O look pretty good,. The T/O is a restrike. Paul
  10. Looks okay, from what I can see in these pictures
  11. Looks to be a sand cast of an Amcraft pattern Paul
  12. AND, just maybe. it's a rare Four Roses Bourbon variation
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