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  1. I have owned quite a few ATC wings over the years, and other than the fact they are not bronze these look good to me. Very weird.
  2. I bet 80% of the people on the forum don't know who Barbie Benton is!
  3. Patrick, As always great wings, however I was very disappointed that the photos were not on an actual "barbi"
  4. Yes, Bill had a bunch of nice wings for sale, not his usual thing!
  5. Both look cast to me.
  6. Russ/Bob, Do you think this might be a later 1940's strike? Before the dies started to wear out? The Sterling does look like other "known good" Meyer wings I have owned.
  7. The top one for sure, the bottom has more of a Brit look.
  8. I think that you would safe to go with the Aerial Gunner, he would probably have picked himself up a set even if the wasn't issued them.
  9. Looks like a post war GEMSCO.I believe that is "NY" not mm
  10. Except he threatens you with legal action I'm told! :-)
  11. To the best of my knowledge only the 2" was authorized
  12. To the best of my knowledge only the 2" was authorized
  13. It's a single earring. See the bar for the clip coming out of the bottom.
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