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  1. pconrad02


    I believe these are the current style
  2. The problem with these types of wings is anyone with a WWII ribbon bar to source the add ons and a drill can make one. I would never pay a premium for jump wings with stars without provenance. Particularly not a clutch back.
  3. Just about everything has been faked... 🙄
  4. No, they look fine to me.. A bit pricey though
  5. Looks CBI made to me. I have theater made examples with that same hinge pin assembly.
  6. BTY - the blue backgrounds are always "iffy" I was just pointing out that if you see one on say, a 7th Ike its probably bad - I was just answering why the tan..
  7. The tan was usually sewn to the tan summer uniforms. Looks better against the blue than a gabardine one. BTY the "combat blue " back is most commonly found on 9th AAF and some 8th.
  8. So, about 10+ years ago there where a couple of sellers on eBay ( probably the same person) who would come out with all these exotics that were always engraved check this tread : http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/21830-examples-of-fake-fantasy-reproduction-wings/ Here is and example from that thread: As you can see, same engraving style on the big letters - it's junk
  9. They look fine to me, and I have always considered these to be late war to Korea as there is no 9M or 22M shield. Others will disagree I'm sure
  10. I have always considered these to be post war - I believe these are on the LGB dies
  11. I agree, nice variation!
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