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  1. Old topic, but if you sill have this group, and if you have duplicates of the 1260th unit history, I would be very interested in one. Even a copy would be outstanding. I just found a grouping to an officer of the unit and am trying to track down a history (which is how I stumbled on this post).
  2. Agree completely with the above comments, insofar as they relate to understanding that these men we study, collect, research, honor, etc are human beings with a life both before and after their service. Military service impacts different people differently, for some it defines the rest of their days, for others it was something they did and they rarely if ever think about it again. I agree with all that, and as much as possible with groups or items I really value I *want* to know the rest of the story as well, it completes the picture. All that said, I think what people (at least in this pur
  3. Sadly, many times family members don't have the interest, or like Dave don't have the time and energy to go over all the things in a home being emptied. I am dealing with this exact scenario literally right now. I bought a massive collection of letters, tapes, papers and documents that belonged to a Vietnam War Marine Aviator. I did some research and much to my total shock was able to track him down. I am now in close contact with him documenting his service. He was not the person that discarded the materials. They were sent to his first wife during the war and when they amicably split a few y
  4. The more and more I collect associated WWI groups the more it becomes clear that regarding price, provenance and the associated acts of valor/engagement/unit really do drive the value. Yes original attributed SSs or PHs or DSCs have a relative value, but when you are dealing with one of a kind groups connected to a specific soldier in a desirable unit with acts of valor to a desirable engagement, the price can be just about anywhere north of what you might expect. It's more or less gloves off. Sure there is an upper limit, but on groups like this when you realize how fast it was snapped up tha
  5. Yep was going to post the same. He's at it again.
  6. You don't pay sales tax if you are shipping out of state. If you pick up in person and have a resellers ID you also don't pay sales tax. The buyers premium is definitely a PITA though sometimes if you check the various avenues you can find a way to pay less. I've seen them as low as 15%, and sometimes paying with cash or check also lowers the fee.
  7. If that is so, it would be odd since anyone with a phone can now run a credit card, same with anyone that has a PayPal account. But yes cash is always king. I often think another reason things don't always sell at shows is there is just SO MUCH to see and consider that what would fly off the shelf in another scenario might not even get noticed at all. Think of how many times you are at an antique mall and find a ho-hum piece priced middle of the road but you buy it because there is nothing else to take interest in. Yet at a show, it would never in a million years get purchased by you or anyone
  8. That is one heck of an attractive DSC. Most that are that old that I have seen are more deeply toned bronze, that almost looks new it's so shiny. Very impressive! One of the amazing things about collecting DSC is the range of patinas and tones and colors that can be found, in addition to the mesmerizing connection to the history of the actions that led to the award being bestowed in the first place.
  9. My understanding is that Centurion is one of the better online auction houses. As with anything it is always buyer-beware but there are bargains to be had and deals to be found if you look. As for the comment about stuff selling for "150% of its value" I understand what is being said, but bottomline, when something sells for X price, that implies two people were willing to pay that amount. This isn't stamp collecting, there is no catalog that gives us X price for X item in X condition. Prices can and do vary. If people are paying X price at auction, that is because they were willing to pay X
  10. I had one similar to this from WWI, made with two 1917 dated pennies, one cut out as a V and the other as a doughboy helmet, well polished, and with a pin sodered to the reverse. I recently sold this piece and I had never seen another like it dated to WWI.
  11. Thanks, that is what I was hoping! Can't wait to get his book also. This example has gray metal grommets on the top edge (I've seen gold/brass grommets on examples listed as WWII vintage if that matters), what appears to be hand stitching on the stars, and they are on relatively light fabric which appears to be cotton. The aging makes me think WWI, but not sure that is a good guide.
  12. Outstanding example! I found a smaller more austere example this weekend, though it is indeed a larger sized flag. I have been trying to research the differences between WWI and WWII flags, do you have any pointers?
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