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  1. Looks like a dam nice helmet, for some reason i am starting to think it may of been used for a forestry (logging) company would explain the red paint but doesn't fit with how nice the liner and straps are. Good find well done :thumbsup: ollie
  2. Another thumbs up from me too, i have seen handled and owned a few liners restored by Mr Murry and you wont be disappointed :thumbsup:
  3. You really are deluding yourself from the truth, that much is painfully obvious. The helmet is nothing more than a messed with shell with a liner, yes ok the shell and liner is original no one is denying that, but the paint and corking is not original at all. This is why the item that is for sale is in the fake section, its bean messed about with pure and simple. Ollie
  4. If you ever want to let one of those Palmer ACUs go let me know. :w00t: Dam good find. Ollie :thumbsup:
  5. I always look forward to seeing your posts Paul and once again some smashing displays as usual. Now very tempted to start collecting Vietnam era kit for a nice change. :thumbsup: Ollie
  6. Can anyone give advice on spotting fake confederate swords, I maybe abele to acquire one soon but obviously i do not want to get stung by a fake POS worth didly squat. Any help and advice would be most appreciated. Ollie
  7. Ssshhhhh, In one way that is a good thing, it keeps it affordable for us younger collectors oh and it does not appeal all that much to the fakers and dodgy dealers. Brilliant grouping though well done. :thumbsup:
  8. I really appreciate it. We try really hard to treat people the way we want to be treated, If only all dealers would behave like that, it would make our hobby so much better for everyone. :thumbsup:
  9. Afrika Korps officer, I think he was at Waddington of all places. Or one of his copy cats the seam to pop up.
  10. Plenty of these covers by the bucket load at times over here in the UK, often for peanuts. The top one from the photo given looks ok, but i don’t like the other cover. I dont wish to offend you in anyway its just my opinion from what i can see so far.
  11. Pure fake The little abomination is even playing on the words I quote ‘’paint and liner are very much original, the front captains bars could well be, but i cannot validate the rear markings, they could have been applied earlier in its life’’, oh and’’ i am sorry but i cannot validate the rear markings, the front could well be original’’ Basically he is saying the markings are fake as shinola but i used genuine paint to make you think its wartime applied. Once again another perfectly good original front seam fix bail spoilt by this little terd. :thumbdown:
  12. Looks like the liner is a mid-late war liner made by Westinghouse Electric Company?, And the shell appears to be a front seam swivel bail. 24th ID will have to look around for some photos then.
  13. Myself and two buddies went along to the Christmas eve party at the 47th Bombardment Wing airmen’s bar (Sculthorp) sat behind the bar waiting for me was this little beastie with a simple note, saying Thought you might like this, the yanks left it behind when the base closed Happy Christmas. Sewn in cats eyes? on the back of the cover Any idea on what the V marks are on each side?
  14. I could be wrong but im sure i read that some NFS units were with the Twelfth (US) Army Group and the Quarter Master Corps, others were attached to the US Ordnance Corps. Ration, fuel and ammunition. I could just be having a massive brain fart but is this the link?
  15. Wild drop forge and Oneida m1 bayonets have got to be some of my favourite makers, both makers are quit rare and I only have two examples of each maker. A nice knife well done, you did well with the price as well.
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