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  1. Darn! Confirmed on their website (https://amsurplus.com/)... "We closed our retail store on June 30th 2020 and are currently working out of our warehouse."
  2. I know it's a bit late, but I have been to Full Metal Jacket several times (mostly when they were down along the Potomac, and more recently at the new store). It's one of the best stores in that area. But as for Northern Virginia, the best I've found is M&G Surplus in Norfolk. It's "old school," and the folks who own and run it are great people. Otherwise, I visit that area a lot and while there are other shops, I have yet to find one worth visiting on a regular basis!
  3. What a great thread, and a subject worth resurrecting! 😁 I used to travel a lot for work, and would do my homework to see if there were any good surplus stores where I was going in case I had some spare time. As such, I’ve compiled quite a list of places worth the time and effort to get to. M&G Surplus in Norfolk, VA; AM Surplus in Bellevue, NE (near Offutt), U.S. Surplus and G.I. Jose Militaria Surplus in Colorado Springs, the Quonset Hut in Austin, TX; Military & More in Enkenbach-Alsenborn, Germany (about 20 minutes from Ramstein AB), the US Store Böblingen near Panzer Barra
  4. OK, I know this is a five-year-old discussion but I need to toss in some facts here... First, as mentioned the US Army changed the color of the HGU-56/P from a dark green to a lighter, foliage color as seen above. There is also a "greener" and darker version used by USN LCAC crews and Dutch rotary wing aviation crews. USCG and LCAC versions are usually distinguishable by the quick disconnect NVG mount that is rounded at the top. Lastly, while there are AirSoft copies of the HGU-56/P, they are easily recognizable from the Gentex models. Bluespicker's claim that there are "forge
  5. I think the chickenhawk is looking over its left shoulder thus the eyes are not visible (i.e. you are seeing the back of his cranium). But I also believe it's a "commemorative" piece and not one actually from Vietnam. Isn't "4-88" on the label the month/year of production? Still an interesting lid!
  6. If you're not already aware, Chickenhawk was a book by Robert Mason on his experience as a UH-1 Huey helicopter pilot during the Vietnam War. That may account for the graphic on your SPH-4...
  7. Found one today, beat to shinola but for ten bucks I can't complain!
  8. That's a Vietnam-era T56-6 CVC helmet, like this... http://www.livesteammodels.co.uk/dhmg/icoms3.html It could have been adopted by a pararescue jumper, but during that war they wore APH-4s, HGU-16A/P, and HGU-39/Ps primarily...
  9. Better yet, $104.99 + $6.40 shipping from Amazon... https://www.amazon.com/Warehouse-GEMTOR-Serrated-Rubber-HF983-1754435887/dp/B01L121EWI/
  10. Or $136.46 from Walmart... https://www.walmart.com/ip/GEMTOR-D56-Crash-Axe-Serrated-Rubber-5-in/48139258
  11. D56 Gemtor Crash Axe - $216.95 https://www.aircraftsupply.com/D56.html
  12. I just acquired a M25A1 for my CVC display. It was in unused condition and was last inspected in 1990. I had to clean it up a bit, it had some odd waxy covering all over it which could have been some kind of protective powder at one point (it has been 30 years); but otherwise is pristine. I need to find a mannequin for this display, at this time it's just a Styrofoam head atop a set of CVC coveralls; but for the time being it fits nicely with the DH-132 helmet and other items I have. Speaking of which, I also found a CVC MRE heater (a.k.a. Ration Heater Individual, Mounted Troo
  13. Still no info? I did get these, they are definitely heavier than the older CVC coveralls. I suspect that's due to the old ones not lasting too long. These are a lot more robust, but don't breathe as well. Would still like to see some photos of these actually being worn!
  14. That is extremely sweet, and I'm glad it was "reliberated" back to the US! I think it would be great if you attached it to a HGU-26/P and added the stripe. The only concern would be someone down the road may believe the entire helmet to be authentic and not just the visor. As for sourcing the tape, that will be your biggest challenge. I wish I could help, but I have no idea where to score it. If you can, I would ask on the Facebook page for this forum, it seems to get more attention and quicker responses... https://www.facebook.com/groups/346212962178612/ Please keep us update wit
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