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  1. Back in the good ol days when I was restoring halftracks, Southern Parts in Memphis, was the mother load of HT's and parts in America. While they sold "wartime" complete and working type HT's (crane models, dump truck, etc), they also sold a lot of parts. Among those parts were track chains. In the 1970's you could buy a pair of track chains for $150.00. Just wish I would have bout a set then. Hell of a deal!
  2. Thanks Mucho! 'Preciate the information Pard!
  3. That would probably be correct. Just wish there was a place to look at this information. Thank You again!
  4. Allright! Now we're gettin' somewhere. Is there anyway to find out exactly what this unit did? Not much on 'em? Kelly and Wilbur Wright Fields were both early US Aviation. Wonder if there is someway to find out what this unit did? I 'preciate your efforts. Mil Gracias hoss!
  5. Howdy and Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, thats not the same outfit. What you linked to was the 669 Bomb Squadron. 669th Aero Squadron is much earlier. I have found a few references to vet's buried in various cemetaries around America who were in this Aviation Unit. Several died in the 1920's, while one guy wound up working for Brewster Aircraft in Buffalo NY. Somewhere, I saw references to an Aviation/Signal Corps ordnance outfit at McCook Field, earlier named Huffman Field, where the Wright Bro's started out. This all ultimately (if I understand this correctly), became the famous Wri
  6. I'm new to the Forum and not sure if this is the place to post my question regarding a WWI or post WWI American Squadron Pennant I have in my collection. I attached a photo here. It measures approx 14" x 36" and longer with the tassels. It is for the 669th Aero Squadron. All nomenclature is old world quality on this wool pennant with everything sewn and or embroidered. Appears to be in almost excellent condition. Anyone know anything about the 669th Squadron or where I can find something on it? I found something that may indicate Wright-Patterson from the early days of WWI, but nothing els
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