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  1. My Fairbairn Sykes third model . It is marked William Rogers, Sheffield. England is not stamped anywhere on the knife. It bears the mould number 4. Is William Rogers a knife making company? Are they still in business? Would they be a subcontractor of F_S knives for Wilkerson during the war? Is there any significance in the fact that this knife in America is not stamped England? Any help you give would be appreciated.. Jeff
  2. EBay is rife with green USN scabbards. They are often serviceable and attractive but they seem to command much lower prices than army m3's. Originally I read that they were used for naval bayonet training with a rubber bayonet. At later time I saw what was said to be a navy training bayonet with scabbard. Both the bayonet and scabbard were black in color. Later I saw a second black training set for sale. With this information in mind what is the consensus of opinion about the green navy m3's and were a large number sold as surplus within the last few years? Thanks. Jeff
  3. Please let me know if this knife is old enough to be used in military service. I will assume you know what a fairbun sykes looks like. Mine seems to be made of bronze or brass and be covered with a black coating. The black coating has worn off in several places like the top "pommell?" and the top of the concentric rings that make up the grip.The bottom of the grip grooves is still black, the black is only missing where the hand would grasp the top of the rings. The knife does not have the basketweave checkering I have seen in some pictures. On the top side the number 4 is small but readable. O
  4. I saw a chart recently which shows that the Union fork and hoe made similar numbers of bayonets during the war. I see quite a few Union fork bayonets for sale and own two. I rarely see any American fork and hoe bayonets for sale. I saw my first one today. It had been shortened to 10". Does anyone know why American fork bayonets would be scarce? Do you see many in 16"? Did American make large numbers of short bayonets , or have large amounts of their production shortened after a short service as 16 inchers? Thanks. Jeff
  5. I have only been collecting m3 knives and 1905/ 1917 bayonets for a couple years. In that time I have seen eBay prices double. Careful shopping on eBay has given me a room full of artifacts in nice condition. Sometimes the scabbard are the hardest items to find. Some things that help are: 1 follow your item every day. Don't miss a good "buy it now". 2.use a little elbow grease to clean an item up, but not to much. 3. Buy quality older scabbards and trade them at the gun show, dealers need them. Prices will rise. They are not making any more of the authentic soldier's equipment. Films such as
  6. I just bought a 1905 bayonet to put in a 1917 scabbard, representing the secondary standard concept. It is a SA 1905 1911 but the blade pristine. Likely it was rehabilitated for WW II. The blade is gray, some might call it sandblasted but I think it is parkerized as are some of my WW II rifles. Parkerization would be a concept often used on military arms of the period. Jeff
  7. Someone directed me to military knives.com and I saw the same scabbard I have. It is not likely marine. It is the first picture shown of a fabric scabbard. The tan webbing is stitched down the right side and the tip is light brown, not dark. No drain hole is shown or mentioned in the description. But only one side of the scabbard is shown. The scabbard is described as 1910 type I . So it would be new type of scabbard issue. Likely the army would have first dibs on that. Jeff
  8. Nice response, thanks guys, Jeff
  9. Would anyone want to show me the difference between m6 and m8 scabbards? Thanks. Jeff
  10. I have a 7.7 arisaka with the mum intact. Under what circumstances would the rifle be shipped with the mum untouched and what would be the circumstances that would insure that the mum was destroyed. I'm sure that post war surplusing would result in many being ground. Thanks. Jeff
  11. Forgive my ignorance. I am a relatively new collector. What company is L and C. Would they have made the knuckle knife I have for WW I ? Thanks. Jeff
  12. Sorry, I am having trouble making the pictures small enough to allow them to be attached. Thanks for the info. jeff
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