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  1. when I first looked at this I did not notice this, and had forgotten habout he heraldry rule, thanks for pointing that out. Will make me be more watchful in the future.
  2. Walter Ashe would be pleased, he did so much to promote knowledge about the USS Asheville. I wish more people would go by and vist the exhibit. Many people do not even know it existis.. perhaps a fault of the city of Asheville, it is now housed in the city building, parking is difficult, and you have to go through security to get in the building are two problems. I wish Buncombe county had an exbhit like Hendersonville does. Even one of the other local musuems in Weaverville could do more to salute vetrans of all wars. However th
  3. well the years he was in the army where 1963-1967, if that adds anything to the mystery
  4. Well the person is no longer around to ask, but my memory was that his rank was sgt 1st class specialist 6. I do know he served in the army in Turkey and Japan, and that he was in armyintellegience. ( 1963-1967) I did contact an old army buddy of his about 4 years ago that did confirm the rank... so now I just do not know. I recenlty ran into some one who told me some things about this rank, and I was just trying to confirm it. But now I think I am sounding like an idiot.
  5. That is wonderful. More children should be like your grandson. I hope the two of you enjoy the experience. When I was a child back in the 50's, I had a special buddy who had been a Col in WW1. We used to go buy flags and go to the two local cemetaires in our town, and put flags on the graves of his WW1, buddies, and he would tell me their stories, then we would go back to the drug store and eat ice cream. I cherrish those memories.
  6. What was the significance of a Sgt 1st class specialist 6.?
  7. Well hopefully the 150th anniversiary will spark some interest in history. I heard a stroy a few years ago about a professor who taught at the community college in Vicksburg MS. It was his last year teaching, and someone suggested to him, he take a poor student and just pass him. He thought okay that might be okay, Howver after grading the papers he found he just could not do this. One of the questions was Who were the opposing forces in the US cIVIL WAR. answer given... the US and France. Keep in mind this is Vicksburg... and th
  8. I would be willing to bet that if you took the average 7th and 8th grade American History class and even asked what years the Civil War occured more than half would give the incorrect years, most could not name the Generals, and could not name the president of the confederacy. I work with a woman who is 37 , the other day she asked me out of the blue what was ment by the axis powers, and what the Yalta confernce was about. Maybe History class was taught after lunch for her and she slepted through US History.
  9. Nice collection, although most seem to be National Guard rather than State Guard. My eyesight is bad, espicially after working two 24 hour shifts, so I can not read a lot of the typed info below some of the patches. Always interesting to see how some one displays their collection. I have two ways I store mine, and still can not decide which way I like best. Yours brings up a third opption, espeically if doing a display for an event.
  10. That comes as no surprize, but it is a shame. I did a project once that actually went in to two didffernt direcctions. I coolect stamps also, and did a project that had people who served on contibuted to the cause for VARIOUS WARS. IT evolved into anoather project that had women on stamps. maybe at this point I should also say that in both collectin areas pathes and stamps I too am in the minority. so cheers to you
  11. Hi Kat... Just so you will know during the Civil War there where at least 750 Women who successfully signed on and served in either the Union or Rebal forces. very few where reveled as women druing their army stint. Some of the names you might want to note would be Sara COLLINS of Wisconsin who was discovered by the way she put on her shoes. Two under General SHERIDANS COMMAND WHERE DISCOVERED WHEN THEY GOT DRUNK AN FELL into a river and had to be resuced. Most where discovred only when wounded or killed other
  12. The post office is again in on the act, yesterday they issued the first of 5 panels, a two sided issue. on one side is a stam with fhe Fort SUNTER april 12-13 1861, and a sta of the First Battle of Bull Run, the other side also has thes same stamps 5 each; a real collectors item; and most PBS stations are redoing the Ken Burns Civil War History; I too was around for the 1960's commeratives. Maybe it is just our age.. and the increased distrations in todays world. Plus too the area of the country where you live
  13. Yep Statue Guard, or you could seek out varriations
  14. thanks for the info, will look forward to seeing it when it comes out. I used to really collect the statue guard and sate defnese force patches , and some pins. But find them hard to find. and always get out bid on ebay. Sometimes even miss them even though I have it marked. Sure did miss that Coloroad one which starated this thread. one I have looked for for a long time.
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