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  1. Thank you for clearing that up. It was the RESCUE on the front throwing me off. I just cant see that on a tankers helmet. Its kind of weird to me. No chin strap so I guess def not Para rescue.
  2. Greetings all. Is this an early helicopter pilots helmet ? Reason I ask is that the seller said its a tankers CVC helmet. But, it does not look like any CVC Ive ever seen (Which is not definitive ) lol And with the word RESCUE across the front, I'm thinking this is a flight helmet. Also has the commo unit on the side with an eagle. And the boom mic setup is similar to helo helmets Ive seen. Tankers would not have rescue across the helmet. I seriously doubt ? Maybe DESTROY but not rescue. Maybe from the 50's ? Helicopter helmet ? Thoughts ?
  3. That does make sense. And congrats on your liner ! Thats awesome !
  4. Yea you are right. I spent some time looking for one already. No dice of course. But I think if I keep looking, I may find one that turns up. Kinda like the heated lens. The stuff is out there somewhere.
  5. Thats weird. I wonder why they would still be using it ?
  6. Pretty Cool ! Is that the one where the seller said the liner is stuck in the shell and he would not pull it apart ?
  7. Im working on an idea to make a repro plug. You think theres much interest for them?
  8. Thank you Phil. I had never heard of the heated lens. They thought of a lot to keep em flying back then. Semper Fi
  9. Thank you for the info ! Im always learning.
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