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  1. I've made some progress on the cord. Thank you to Mowhawk for directing me to the proper plugs. All I need now is the snaps to snap the wires to the inside of the lens.
  2. Its a nice well preserved English Brodie. The Paint, looks good considering the rest of the lid is so well preserved, it's not a stretch to think the insignia is original to it. I dont know for sure though, but it does not look minty fresh.
  3. Same here. I'd say 95% of mine came from ebay. Some of the items are really unique. Just takes time to look.
  4. You're welcome Dennis. Got to love those early ones !!! Made of twill. You can really see the difference in texture in your pics. Dave
  5. 8189 looks like 1965 The other is from 1975. Heres the list https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/80042-mitchell-cover-contract-list/&tab=comments#comment-581604
  6. Interesting post. Thank you for sharing it. Maybe you can use this https://www.historicaerials.com/viewer You can find the area and use the timeline to go back decades in aerial photographs and you might have an easier time spotting it.
  7. That is a stunning helmet !!! Congratulations !!!!
  8. Thats an awesome display and the letters are too ! Cool way to honor your uncle. I read the letters / almost reports of the missions. Harrowing to say the least. I think over 15000 feet you have to have oxygen. Not positive but I think its around there. 15000 or so. Thank you for sharing ! Welcome aboard too !
  9. Thank you !!! Thats going to make a big difference ! Thank you !!! I ordered some.
  10. Greetings all. I am working on repro power cord for theB8 goggles heated lens.. Here it is as it stands so far. I still need to find suitable snaps to attach to the back of the lens. I had no luck finding the small plugs but I found a slightly larger version which will work. Im going to add the plug when it comes in. I found 20 of the plugs pictured. I painted the white tic marks onto one wire. Im thinking of using one red and one black wire instead of adding the tic marks. It wont carry power and is just for display. I'l update it when I finish the first one.
  11. Hi Mike, Yes , he has his own website and there is a contact option and Ive written him several times and included the link to this post. I have asked him if would mind taking a look and letting me know if it is his old helmet. I tried again earlier today. No dice yet. Dave
  12. I finished Mr Flynns book. A Personal War In Vietnam. It is very good. I recommend it. It reads like Something written by Tregaskis or Pyle. He is right in with the troops and even went on some flights in a Huey gunship. I finished it and wished it was a little longer because it was hard to put down. Unfortunately I have had zero luck in hearing back from Mr Flynn concerning this helmet. I'm still hoping he will take a look and get back to me one way or another as to whether this helmet here is the one he wore in Vietnam. Anyhow, A Personal War In Vietnam is
  13. Thank you for clearing that up. It was the RESCUE on the front throwing me off. I just cant see that on a tankers helmet. Its kind of weird to me. No chin strap so I guess def not Para rescue.
  14. https://www.handgunlaw.us/documents/NoHiCapChemSpray.pdf
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