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  1. That makes total sense. Its a Vietnam Vets bring back, Im going to go with a Montagnard made liner. Meaning thats my best guess. I dont think its a basket either.
  2. $698.00. Oh Man !!!!! I feel bad for someone.... Glad its not me, and thanks for the education here. Covers have been out of my wheel house prior to Mitchells.
  3. So if any part of the helmet is not WW2, Bingo, the buyer has a way out. Dom2win might not be the "Infamous Dom " but Montvale is not too far from brookly or the bronx which ever Dom claimed to live in at the time and Dom sold antiques and the occasional helmet and this guy has about 8 militaria items sold in the last 36 months. Might be Dom ???
  4. .The seller took a gamble too. If the description does not match the item, then the buyer has a way out This line here... "Per information obtained from (Quest Masters Museum) these markings identify helmet as WW II era." Thats the buyers way out if it turns out not to be WW2. The Seller took a gamble being so vague. And then implying its WW2.
  5. Hey I really see it now. Especially as compared to the one he sold the week before for 900. That looks way different than this one. He has to know what he is selling is fake ??? Thats pretty low down to take someone for hundreds like he's doing. Whats a fake one really worth ? Five bucks ?
  6. I dont know and I dont have any skin in this game. Im trying to learn something with this.... I'm just a bit perplexed because this pattern is the same pattern in the jacket above, which if you read the thread, everyone agrees its authentic. Its the same pattern on this cover and although the beach side stitiching is a longer saw tooth than some, it appears to still be saw tooth stitching. I spent a while looking at the pattern in the coat and pants on the linked thread and it looks like the same pattern on the cover. Unless Im missing some detail in the pattern ?
  7. What about this cover screams fake ? Because it has the same pattern as this P44 Jacket and trousers... https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/349231-wwii-usmc-frogskin-camo-uniform-coat-and-trousers/&tab=comments#comment-2791465 And, on the beach side in this pic, is that not sawtooth stitching ? And this same seller just sold one last week for 900 so what is fake about this one ?
  8. One more thing. On the reg army post back in 82, we were paid in alphabetical order. A-Z. In the guard, checks were mailed home once a month and then it went to direct deposit.
  9. Its the same seller who sold this one last week... https://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/350042-ww2-usmc-camo-cover-sold-for-nice-dollar-on-epay/
  10. I never knew they were packed with iron balls. Like a form of grape shot !! Man!!! Thats a nasty thing to be on the receiving end !! So, looks like it just exploded enough to blow out the side and crack the body and then sat buried for a long time. Any story behind it ? AWESOME !!!!
  11. The only thing I can think of that would not damage it, is to take a stiff tooth brush and carefully try and brush it off.anything else you could do, like applying something to it or washing it off, might damage the webbing. Or if its for wearing, try to find a cleaner one and keep this one for display. Fixing the chinstrap with glue.... Ive been thinking on how to fix a couple broken ones I have. I am considering a piece of gause or even fiberglass glued on the back where its broken to strengthen the repair. Otherwise, I think it would just pull apart. But I have not
  12. Great Picture !! I spent 2 weeks at Camp Ripley in 1984. That place is way out in the woods. There are bears there and cougars.. The place is loaded with wildlife. We dug in right on the river bank and then secondaries back in the woods. Stayed in one spot for about 10 days.
  13. Thank you Dean. My good buddy says the number is to a national guardsman. Would be nice if the straps were still on the shell but I still like it. Messing with the contrast did work out well to read whats on the webbing. Ploof is an unusual family name to me. And I was mistaken about the painted name and number. Its Ploof.... same as in the webbing.
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