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  1. Scans of the letter. If you like flying, It worth a read.
  2. Is this a us military wing? Thank you,
  3. Its not a WW2 liner that was re webbed. There is no gromet hole in the front. Mid 50's to early 1960's. To me, it looks like a late 1950's early 1960's liner. If its got the 33rd infantry Brigade Symbol on it, it was used by the Ilinois Army National Guard..
  4. Good thread Patrick! Here is the back of what I believe is a WW2 or Pre WW2 Navy or Marine Corps Bullion wing. The clutch posts are brass colored. I removed the color from the image to make the pattern in the backing fabric clearer so it can be sen better..
  5. Not sure about the rank on the front ? Hunt said that rubber stamping laundry mark on the steel under the brim is Korea era.
  6. It is a ww2 shell with what looks like its paint and cork finish. Hunt says the laundry stamp is Korea. They made so many of the M1 helmets they just kept re using them. I remember some guys in my guard unit in the 1980's were issued WW2 helmets with the sewn on chin straps. The supply Sgt also issued them new last model chin straps which snapped on basically and the old ones from WW2 were cut off. I always felt bad for the guys that got issued those beat up things even though they were covered with a cloth cover. I got a last model M1 low dome with the sand finish. It was brand new looking. I liked it better than the old ones at the time. Now a days... Different story..... lol lol lol The military continued to use ww2 Produced M1's into the 1990's especially in the Navy. You have a nice pone because it was not altered. People on here that know more can check me but it looks like its got its original paint ?
  7. Steel 488 comes up april 1943 McCord made and looks like it was fixed loop at one time and converted to swivel because its got the crimp weld on the rim opposite the loops. OD3 chin straps. Could have been used WW2 on up. Only fixed loops got a crimp in that spot. Laundry number on the underside of brim. Liner looks like a ww2 liner that was re webbed possibly for Korea? I think they didnt use green webbing until WW2 ended ? Nice helmet ! Looks like corporal stripes on the front of the steel ??? More pics please? 👍
  8. Its too close to the how to draw a buzzard website I posted above to be anything other than some goofy thing someone painted on there. Its a dead ringer for the buzzard in the how to draw a buzzard tutotrial linked above..... The tutorial is 9 years old. Painted on there sometime between 2011 and now i'm guessing ? At $43.00 , I'd take it and remove that crud and have a nice old lid. Anything much over that.... Nope.
  9. The speech that Patton gave in the opening scene of the movie was condensed and altered for the movie. They really could not use the full speech in the movie because of the language or they would have had to give it an R rating instead of PG. Its on the net. Its quite a speech. Much more forceful and violent and angry than the movie. Humorous at times as well.
  10. The importance of training.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQienerwC2Q
  11. prob Vietnam era. That SER 209puts it past ww2. During WW2 yu would have the hallmark and metal content. I think they started assigning numbers like ser209 etc in the mid to late 1950's. Eventually they were switched to numerical codes and no company hallmarks.
  12. James ! Great Presentation ! Its incredible that its been left as it was for the most part. I noticed some bullet holes where the round hit on its side. Some of those big minne balls were tumbling. Maybe this one got its tumble coming through the window ? Looks like a perfect profile of a minne ball in the wood. Great video James ! Thank you Sir !
  13. A brief article on the history of the CAA https://www.faa.gov/about/history/milestones/media/The_CAA_Helps_America_Prepare_for_World_WarII.pdf
  14. Ernest Nelson is on the body not recovered list for WW2 air force personel NELSON, ERNEST F2D LTO-758840 6/23/1945 12:00:00 AM 67 FIGHTER SQUADRON 347 FIGHTER GROUP PENNSYLVANIA PHILIPPINES https://www.dpaa.mil/Portals/85/Documents/WWIIAccounting/united_states_army_air_forces.html
  15. Richard Tregaskis Guadalcanal Diary contains a great description of the night battle off Savo Island as viewed by the Marines on Guadalcanal. It describes the beach the next morning littered with debris and bodies from the sunken ships and the Marines realising that the Navy was gone. Good book.
  16. The steel is a ww2 produced front seam with its original straps. Looks like it might be a schluter by the crimp marks at the seam. Sorta look like little circles... Is there a Big S on the underside of the brim below the heat stamp? The liner.... Look in the crown for a raised stamp to see what brand it is. The headband inside the liner is dated 1953, but the liner looks ww2 with the grommet in front. Is the webbing all green in it or dirty Khaki color? I cant tell for sure from the pics. Nice one !
  17. Apparently this aircraft was sold off to someone in Alaska. The tail number came up with the folowing info... Thank you Matt !
  18. Greetings all. Today I recieved the most wonderful Email kindly sent by the seller of this beautiful wing. I can today add more detail to Mr Thomas story and the role he played during WW2. We have a head shot of Mr Thomas and a full length shot of Mr Thomas in his flying uniform. Also remarkably, a letter from a combat P-38 pilot in the pacific to Mr William Thomas. He may have been a student but appears to be a close friend of Bills ? The letter is fascinating!!! Read it for your self. Its a unique glimpse into a fighter pilots life in the pacific during WW2. Sadly he was killed. Enjoy and I hope to post more in the near future. Many thanks to the seller of this remarkable piece of history which has opened into a world we seldom get an intimate glimpse of.
  19. The way I understand it is that the whole crew was initially outfitted with Kelly helmets. Those were all replaced with Brand Spanking New M1's. (Maybe in 1942) (Guess)(Hence all the Hawley Liners) The whole crew got Brand new M1's. They were not on any other ships before or after the SanFransisco. Many of them are personalised. They were used only for 2-3 years and then put up. They were found in a diplatitated warehouse with a leaking roof. Thats why they are so trashed. But they were only used on the one ship by the WW2 wartime crew. They were not used for very long. The war ended and they were put away and not transfered to other ships. And just for a little perspective on inflation. The Govt paid for the helmet and the liner combined with all accessories for..... $1.98 a piece.
  20. Looking at the Colonels eyes.. You can see that one highlight is missing in his right eye in the whiter copy and its there in the yellowed copy. A lot of the fine detail in the printing of the first edition is just not there in the second edition.
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