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  1. Thank you everyone. I got some close up pics of the heat stamp. It looks like 1103A with the second 1 and the 3 very very faint ? Looks that way ? Produced 12/1944...
  2. Cant go wrong with a milspec lenzatic compass. All depends on what you want it for and how much you want to spend. There are some good backpacking compasses that are fairly cheap. I'd make sure if you find a cheap Milspec Compass, that it is not real old. You might end up with one that doesnt stay glowing through the night. But depends on what you need it for.
  3. Is it possible that the handle was added at a latter date ? Or a rigger made handle? Or a place keeeper some collector added ?
  4. Looks like a nice front seam swivel loop WW2 helmet and liner. But everyone needs larger pictures so we can see the details. What brand liner is it? You can find the brand mark inside the crown. Need larger images to really see what you have there but from what I can see its a WW2 hemet and liner.
  5. Hey Thank you everyone. The seam is not off center by much at all. The second pic from the top makes it appear way off but its only slightly off center. I cannot tell wether it was once a fixed bail as I really cannot find any other crimp weld marks except the 2 at the front seam. I suppose maybe some blanks were accidentlly loaded off center so that the heat number could wind up near the rim on the side? So you all think its a repaired steel pot ? Thank you again to all.
  6. Here are some better shots. I can only see the two crimp marks at the front seam. It doesnt look like there are any other crimp marks on the rim ? So Parish is the third Brand? Thank you for that as all ive been able to read up on is McCord and Schlueter. The heat number, if you are looking at it with the brim facing front, is halfway between the front seam and the right loop. halfway covered by the rim. Ive never seen one like this. I appreciate the help.
  7. Thank you hunt. I just cannot make out the shape of those crimps and I never saw a heat stamp way on the side Half hidden by the rim. Its a new one to me. I thought maybe there were more than 2 manufactureres during ww2 but I guess not. Depot repair seems a reasonable explanation for the weird crimps.
  8. Greetings, I have an M1 front seam here that has strange crimp welds on the front seam. They look somewhat like ovals but they are really faint. And the heat stamp is off to the side and partially covered by the rim. looks like 10 A or 104? Its strange. I dont think its a euro M1 but why the weird crimp welds and why the strange heat stanp placement? I'd really appreciate you folks who know, filling me in on what is with this thing? It looks like it has cork and not sand finish. Thank you. Rooster
  9. Awesome certificate! Being located in ohio I thought you might be interested in this helmet. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/326431-ebay-listed-korea-era-steel-pot-with-marked-liner-what-do-you-think/ I think it belonged to Lt Col Sardis when he was a Captain. LtCol Sardis was with the 508th and was killed in the C119 disaster.
  10. this is what I use to date ww2 M1 helmets. http://ghost.treaders.free.fr/identification_casque.php enter your heat number and you'll get a rough date of manufature. I get May of 1944. As far as the brand... are the weld crimps at the front seam circles or ovals? Ovals indicate McCord while circle crimp welds indicate Schluter manufacture.
  11. I see the ones like the restrike glider I posted above and the one you posted and I see them for sale for hundreds of dollars and I shake my head and I hope no body gets burned by them.
  12. I would agree. The pin is wrong and although not buffed with a gringing wheel like above, there are telltale scrapes and scratches across the back but mainly it has the wrong pin. No cam on the end of it and I bet it opens up all the way 180 degrees ? I'd say restrike INMHO.
  13. Thats a nice genuine meyer. Here is an example of what I think is a restrike Meyer being passed off as an original ww2 meyer wing. Notice the ground down polished back. Undoubtedly done while removing the black laquer thats on the back of all Meyer restrikes. Also it has the wrong pin. It will be slightly smaller than the originals as well. A real one on the red boarder to compare to the fake restrike below it.. Just a couple things to look out for. The seller only wants $499.00 for this piece o junk. Let the buyer beware
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