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  1. Yes. Mostly all Marines wore the green side out except for some major battles like Iwo or Tarawa were most Marines can be seen with the beach side out. But as most Marines were individuals the wore their cover as they liked. Concerning your question for re-enactments, the green side out should work fine. I uploaded a good color photo for your interest.
  2. A good sun stained green side out.
  3. These are some awesome helmets! Love the character and that it all fits together making it a beautiful look. Congrats!
  4. Beautiful netted 1st Lt. helmet with swivel bails and heavily worn! Merry Christmas.
  5. WWII enlistment is gaining results from AAD. It is just easier to search. Unfortunately there is no Database for officers for free. I dont know where to look for officers. You could ask other members here on the forum. But maybe should you ask for him in the Individual Search forum. Blueprint
  6. WWII Enlistment doesnt show officers. So if you search for an officer who did wrote his laundry number like enlisted men, they doesnt show up there.
  7. The EGA indicates post WWII. Im not a fan of the stitching pattern on both the beach and jungle side on this one. Blueprint
  8. If I rightly recall the seller mentioned that it came from an collector who had let go some of his items after 60 years. In all of his helmets where tags, you can see it on one of Deans pictures, which describes the helmet. Maybe there is more information on the origin of the helmet. Since the seller is first, reputable, and second, that it came from a old collector, I hardly doubt that the helmet was artificially aged on that scale in the past century... To me it looks good and lets please wait until more detailed pictures are given to investigate it. Blueprint
  9. Congratulation Dean! A beautiful helmet! I saw this one too but seems that you were faster! Hopefully theres a name in it to give it a story.
  10. The heat stamp is a governmental post WW2 one.
  11. I'm proud of owning this beautiful salty Camillus Kabar named to "Don Wagner". Interesting are the little butterflies around his name. Blueprint
  12. The overall look doesnt seems like it was used in combat. Maybe it still belonged to him but I doubt that it was the helmet he wore on his death. Still in nice condition and maybe some research will shed some light! Blueprint
  13. Love it! Great item Peg6! Thanks for sharing.
  14. Agree. Love the camo scheme which was applied on the helmet and even more how the colours turn much better in natural light!
  15. 1. My fixed bail Schlueter with net and identified to "Henry W. Lord" in salty condition. 2. My netted swivel bail helmet with a first private Insignia beneath a Lieutnant Insignia in a combat used condition.
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