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  1. Congrats! Very nice helmet in a desirable state! Yours Blueprint
  2. Thanks Pat for clearing up. So I was right on my guess that it lost some paint. Yours Blueprint
  3. Lovely! A well worth to see collection. Keep it up! Blueprint
  4. Here are two pictures from my magnifier showing the spot where the brighter white sits underneath the yellowish white. The brighter white is more visible via UV than the yellowish. This may indicate a repaint. But why is it underneath the yellowish white? Any clue? Or may it be that the brighter white hid underneath the older white, thus why it looks more fresh? And the last picture shows good how the two tones of white "meet".
  5. That is also my guess. As the division also had barracks at Aschaffenburg it would be plausible that this helmet came from there.
  6. In the second picture from the insignia, there seems to be a fresher white, not so yellowish as the rest of the white stripes but looking under the magnifier the fresher white is always underneath the older white. There seems to be no sign of a brush or spray at these spots.
  7. Hello fellows! Today I picked this M1 3rd I.D. Helmet up near Aschaffenburg, Germany. It is in a nice relic condition: salty and rusty, the interior almost falling apart. It's a fixed bail front seam shell but the liner is a post war (1955+) Westinghouse liner, without the insignia eyelet and with the postwar Westinghouse mould-in mark. The 3rd I.D. insignias are still well visible and to me authentic. The paint is cracking, rust is coming through and overall it pretty much looks homogeneous to me. The seller got it off a scrapyard a few years ago,
  8. I thought that it was repainted at one point the old layer still visible.
  9. Hello guys! What are your opinions on this M1 helmet with two 3 ID Insignias? Rust stains are under the insignia as well some cracks in the paint. Greetings Blueprint
  10. Pieter Oostermans Book is excellent! Great detailed pictures and they are always shown after somewhat about the helmet was explained. I learned a lot out of it. Blueprint
  11. Hello fellows! This is a huge coincidence: As I recently purchased a used book by S.E. Ambrose titled "Nothing like it in the world", via Ebay, I was stunned to see tho whom it belonged. On the inner book page, there was a little sticker, telling to whom it belonged. In this case to "LTC Charles C. Berkely, Jr.". After seeing it I thought to myself: google him! And as I did I was very surprised. His obituary states that he was born in 1907. He fought with the 2nd bataillon , 24th Marines on Roi-Namur, Saipan, Tinian, and Iwo Jima.
  12. Mine, salty and used. As I like em, just as you all do! Great helmets shown btw!
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