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  1. The top patch suggests a vehicle mounted M-60. Air/Security Police units in Vietnam had quick reaction teams equipped with these so this might be a lead too.
  2. This flight suit was made under a contract awarded circa 1952.
  3. That was my impression thanks!
  4. Does anyone know the origin and era of this patch? Its owner claims it is pre-WW2, but it seems unlikely. Many thanks!
  5. What collectors call 3rd model are actually 1st and 2nd models damaged in Vietnam and overhauled by private companies in Okinawa during the war. The damaged cotton shells were replaced by sturdier nylon shells. These were just an interim wartime measure, because 1st and 2nd models ripped easily on the battlefield. 3rd models were never produced in the US.
  6. I do not understand the historical context here. The only Cambodians in South Vietnam at the time were ethnic minorities, who were eager to serve with the Special Forces. The left wing Cambodians were still participating in the neutralist government run by Sihanouk and had no business in South Vietnam. In 1967, they started an armed opposition that would later be known as the Khmer Rouge. But they never set foot in Vietnam before cross-border raids starting in 1975. So who was this soldier killed in 1966? Was he killed by the SF soldier, or was he one of the men advised by the SF?
  7. Seems totally good for a crewman of the 326th Medical Battalion air ambulance platoon.
  8. Bob is right, it has elements of the Combat Control Team beret badge. Below is the model approved by 7th AF for the CCT of the 8th Aerial Port Squadron at Tan Son Nhut (left), and the CCT badge adopted post-Vietnam (right). Can we see more of the jacket?
  9. The lot went for the equivalent of $3700. Thanks but no thanks.
  10. It seems to me that, although this not an outstanding grouping, there are some items here that could prove interesting. I guess the patches should be removed from the jacket though. Any thoughts?
  11. There seems to be at least one M1C shell with fixed bales, and one early infantry liner with maybe a matching shell. Can't say much about what we see of the German helmet.
  12. Some detail on the jackets. They did not find labels.
  13. It gets weirder with this patch, which seems to be Vietnamese hand made?! And I guess this 101st patch is post-WW2 too. I am thinking veteran jacket for post-war reunions?
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