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  1. You were spot on. I just picked up "Vintage Flying Helmets" by Mick Prodger and there it is on page 275.
  2. I've looked around the net and have not seen another one like this. Beneath the writing is a circle which could be a corporate logo. Within the circle are the letters AN and beneath those letters what seems to be H-64 . Any comments or ideas?
  3. The paper label reads type P1B size small. It seems to me that there was another label on top of it at one time . The webbing label reads type P1B and type P3. There are a few things I find a bit odd about this helmet. First, as far as I know, The only difference between a P1B helmet and a P3 is the addition of a visor and this helmet appears never to have had one. Second, it lacks the two rivets paralleling the edgeroll above the chin strap on both sides that P helmets have (perhaps because it has no oxygen mask tabs?). Finally, it has three snap tabs on the brow area similar to some HGU
  4. What I considered unusual was a USN helmet with USAF webbing and (possibly) avionics. However I must admit that I have no knowledge concerning insignias or how helmets are painted.
  5. Well done! I concur that it is a H-5 with USAF suspension and (possibly) earphones.
  6. Anyone care to speculate as to what type of helmet this is?
  7. Thanks for all the photos of some wonderful helmets.
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