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  1. And for reference here are all of the gliders badges I've been able to find so far. Sterling marks appear in different locations on the backs of the badges and seller names include JR Gaunt (×2), NS Meyer, Ludlow and Assman. I thought the Gaunt at the bottom of the center column was an unmarked wing but was able to find very faint marks of Gaunt with a magnifying glass. The clutches on the Assman are original and marked by the company as well.
  2. Here is a two star badge I have. It has the initials V E scratched in on the left back.
  3. Yes these are a Gaunt pattern but this is not a wing that would have been used by US troops. There is a pin that would run through both loops to hold it in place that looks much like a cotter pin. (Most often seen on British hat/cap badges) My understanding is that these are post war but I am open to any new information provided.
  4. Interesting wing Patrick. I met a man years ago that made wax castings of badges and other items and he used that exact pin on the backs of the badges. However, I have no clue as to where it was made.
  5. Thanks for info about the Silver mark Cliff. Always glad to learn something new!
  6. Not aware of any fakes, but it's a rare wing and made by Blackington. I was going to take a shot at it but it went for more than I could afford at the moment.
  7. I'm not a fan of them and agree for the same reasons Patrick has stated. Additionally, there is some sort of repair/ alteration just below the hallmark. It looks like something was filled in or sanded smooth ( in my opinion) and could explain the applied patina.
  8. I really like the Gaunt wing..nice original in my opinion. The top one is very interesting..I like the wear on the front and findings/catch look good. I think I saw somewhere that this could be an unmarked Firmin but I may be mistaken. The cracks along the edges could have been from a little too much copper or zinc in the brass batch. Very nice!
  9. Well it wasn't through Whiting Co. because they were absorbed by Gorham in 1924. The only WWII silver I was able to find was Navy Officer's mess silver serving sets. Gorham did sell sterling pendants, but nothing like the Beverlycraft patriotic jewelry and Gorham was severely impacted by the Great Depression before the war due to their specialization in art pieces and sculptures and may not have been in a position to acquire Beverlycraft by the end of the war. I will look for additional information.
  10. This is a liitle late but here is the BB&B Bronze marked wing for reference. It's 2 3/4 inches wide.
  11. Here is the second pattern without the sterling mark.
  12. I use this thread for reference on the Gaunt wings. It shows the tells to look for with the genuine wings.
  13. Great job! Question...Is the top Service pilot wing the stippled field pattern?
  14. Here is a photo of J. Manikrai & Sons storefront in Karachi. J. Manikrai died in 1919 and the business was continued by three of his sons who employed approximately 35 people.
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