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  1. Nice wing Costa! Congrats!
  2. Awesome wing Bob! Congrats!
  3. Never seen a disk on the back of a Ludlow. I have a Ludlow glider and it looks like the one on Bob's site. Additionally I have a Ludlow Glider badge and both the badge and the wings have raised hallmarks not stamped. Not a fan of these.
  4. Awesome wing! Very nice.
  5. I remember commenting that I liked the first one. I was watching this one but have to admit that I have been trying to research it more because it just looks odd to me. Great catch Tonomachi! Interesting to see two of the same wing with different modifications.
  6. Many thanks to both of you!
  7. Hello All, Which Vanguard marking should be on WWII era army wings? What WWII ratings did they manufacture?
  8. Gemsco is good and the Meyer is a restrike.
  9. Si, esta bien y es desde de el mundo guerra dos. Lo siento mucho pero mi espanol no es muy bueno. H&H es para HILBORN & HAMBURG. El insignia es para un pilota gorra de guarnición.
  10. And for reference here are all of the gliders badges I've been able to find so far. Sterling marks appear in different locations on the backs of the badges and seller names include JR Gaunt (×2), NS Meyer, Ludlow and Assman. I thought the Gaunt at the bottom of the center column was an unmarked wing but was able to find very faint marks of Gaunt with a magnifying glass. The clutches on the Assman are original and marked by the company as well.
  11. Here is a two star badge I have. It has the initials V E scratched in on the left back.
  12. Yes these are a Gaunt pattern but this is not a wing that would have been used by US troops. There is a pin that would run through both loops to hold it in place that looks much like a cotter pin. (Most often seen on British hat/cap badges) My understanding is that these are post war but I am open to any new information provided.
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