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  1. Happy Independence Day!
  2. Thanks for the obverse. Beautiful wing!
  3. Very nice! Is that an orber die? The font looks a little like the one from the company that bought their dies.
  4. Thanks for the assistance Patrick and Tod. I was able to determine the one I was looking at was a reproduction thanks to the reference thread.
  5. Hello All, Can anyone provide pictures of an A&C Glider Pilot wing? Does this even exist? Would it be an applied shield to their pilot wing? Thanks!
  6. My uncle gave me a British naval cutlass/bayonet when I was 12. One day I rode my bike to the local mall and there was an antique show there with an older man who had some military items (muskets, helmets, etc) and he had a WWII German police shako that struck my fancy. After talking with him he indicated he was open to trades so I went back home and had my parents bring me back with my fledgling collection of the cutlass and an Italian bayonet that I had picked up at a flea market and a short sword that I had been given. The old man told me that his shako was much more valuable but he would trade for the cutlass and bayonet. We did the deal and to make a long story short when I got older I found that he had given me a shako that was made up of parts and was junk for what I found out was my Confederate marked 1859 British naval cutlass/bayonet with scabbard (maybe 18 known to exist) and an Italian Carcano folding bayonet. I was able to hang on to the Russian engineers/pioneers short sword because he thought it was French and worthless. I had it for another 40 years before it and most of my collection (WWI and Civil War) was stolen. I started over with wing collecting 4 years ago. I ran into an Aerial Gunners wing at a shop and it was cheap and real and I was hooked ( the collecting didn't stay cheap!). The next two wings I bought were the NS Meyer restrikes you see here and then I discovered Bob's site and the forum here. The Josten CP is quite insidious and was an online purchase. The glider is a piece of junk and I bought it online without thinking. I knew better; that's why that one ruffles my feathers and the one at the bottom is a real sweetheart piece but has been modified. All of this being said, thanks to all of you for helping me learn wing collecting and the history associated with them. I can't tell you how many times I have read and reread threads over particular wings and compared pictures of real wings vs a wing I am thinking of purchasing and the personal assistance has been refreshing. If I can pass on any hard earned knowledge, please let me know.
  7. I agree it is a local artisan made piece; I don't have any or have seen any with a catch like that. It's very interesting and hopefully another named example will pop up or another member can identify it.
  8. Next up some more Aircrew. The middle one is from the Chinese theater and the bottom one is a hand carved from India or China. You can see the hinges are similar to the original wing in the thread and the Honduran wing. I am trying to identify the top wing. It is stamped with 800 for the silver content. Any thoughts? I was thinking about possible Italian theater or Egyptian?
  9. Cool wing Patrick! Thanks for the example and new information. That gave me an idea to share some of my theater made. First up is a Panama theater Aircrew...Still looking for the pilot version!
  10. The hinge looks either Chinese or Indian to me. Definately a CBI wing in my mind and really awesome!
  11. Thanks Patrick! I thought the same about the catch.
  12. Hello All, So I took a chance on this one. The reasons I bought it are the raised sterling mark, the pin only opens 45 or so degrees and the raised Meyer shield. Once I had it in hand, it has the remains of the meyer stippled back finish ( if there is a better term please let me know) Is this a WWII version or a post war version?
  13. Search for Sugerman. There are lots of threads and I've seen a real pair in a collection in PA. I will try to get a pic for you if he still has them.
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