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  1. My initial impression was the hallmarks were German. I have nothing to base that on, but that was my impression. I have never seen anything turn of the century with a hollow back cavity such as that. I think this requires spin/spun/centrifugal casting and I generally have only seen it on later pieces for jewelry. However, the process was in existence at the time, but to what extent I am not sure. More so the fittings are very interesting. They do not fit the typical French style I have seen for aero squadrons. In fact, the catch appears to be the "Tiffany" style, of the era, but not what I wou
  2. I think this topic is pretty far off base. The OP is definitively NOT paki in any manner whatsoever. Paki patches have usually black/purplish-blue paper backs. There is no paper on the back of this patch. In fact the back of this patch shows textbook Italian workmanship. The bullion work is very similar to many 15th Air Force bullion patches. Those patches are made in Italy as well. Moreover, the piece shown in post #4 is being represented as the piece the original post piece is supposed to represent. This is wrong. Post #4 is a jacket patch. This patch is roughly shoulder patch sized. I h
  3. The pieces in question look to be unfinished. They are uncut in the sense their shape is wrong. The white cloth on the back is/was a finishing touch to prevent snagging of the threads on the back. The raider piece linked above shows identical manufacturing underneath when the cloth comes off. Original and unfinished.
  4. In the 1960s theJewelry CORO made costume jewelry type pieces of prominent orders and awards. As far as I am aware, no one has figured a good answer as to why this was done. This piece looks costume to me, but not made by Coro.
  5. There is an ASMIC reference to this piece in a 1962 (?) trading post, but the issue isn't available online and I have yet to find a physical copy so I do not know what it says. I have a similar Japanese made 47th Raider tab and I believe Vintageproductions has one on his site as well. This is the 3rd or 4th I have seen. I have never figured out what it is for and there is another topic on the forum as well about it without ID. The piece shown over the 8th is definitely a modern piece. Best ABN
  6. 96th Infantry Division, 383rd Infantry Regiment
  7. Chinese. Look at the red embroidery on the one and compare that to other known Chinese patches and the silk embroidery will match. Look at the actual silk thread. Chinese silk embroidery is different from the silk used in Japan/Korea/Vietnam.
  8. Its not a copy just later. Its been a continuously active regiment for a long time to today
  9. I think the top two rows of ribbons are mostly veteran/fraternal organization. They may be correct, but not USGI
  10. I think this is an excellent observation. Taking it further, the field is blue, the lightning bolts and cog are yellow. Yellow and blue are the branch colors of the chemical corps. A test tube would fit perfectly with that theory. I think this idea may hold more water yet.
  11. A friend of mine said the lightning bolts made him think of the thunderbolt logo painted on some tanks of the 37th tank battalion, but I am not sure that adds much.
  12. The unknown patch definitely looks English in nature. That black material is identical to the Airborne Troop Carrier patches and the 101st English made pieces as well as others. The English military patches from the era are usually simpler with less color. I don't think its German either. I don't want to be biased, but the design looks distinctly American to me. Most European insignia of the era is of a simpler nature. I did show it to another person who also thought he had seen it on the forum several years back. Neither of us can locate that thread. I have attached pictures of the 1s
  13. Picked this piece up. Looks English made. Never seen it before. One person I showed it to said it looks like a rocket tank patch - lightning bolts on armor patches, tank cog and a rocket. I've never seen it before and everyone I have shown it to is lost too. Any thoughts? Thanks ABN
  14. Dave, I have seen that scan before. So I've seen two, but the OP is the 1st I have seen for sale. Excellent example, looks like Korean silk as opposed to the OP Japanese workmanship. Interesting dichotomy.
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