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  1. Hello all I came across this helmet today and I am unsure of what the insignia on the liner stands for. If someone could help that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Here is a zoomed in version of the photo above.
  3. Hello all! I am not quite sure how much militaria this has in it but its interesting to me and I thought I would share it here. Joseph Minor Gill is my great-great-great grandfather. He was born in Steubenville, Ohio on August 16th, 1846. Growing up he was a very poor kid had nothing, absolutely nothing. So when the Civil War broke out he thought it would be a interesting experience and he would at least be able to temporarily own somethings. The 157th Regiment was for the most part a regiment that guarded prisoners of war. It is estimated that anywhere from 12,000-14,000 prisoners were guarded under the 157th. On July 5th, 1862 he fell asleep on guard duty after drinking all night from celebrating the 4th of July. As his punishment they put him in confinement for 2 weeks with a 24 pound ball and chain around his ankle. After his two weeks he returned to active guard but was required to still have the ball and chain around his ankle for an additional week for some unknown reason. He then had to do extra time on guard, clean up the post, etc. So after his 100 days he returned home and went back to work at the iron ore mill in Steubenville, Ohio. I have the documents to prove the story as well as a chain with a little knife on it that he wore in the civil war that I will upload pictures of tomorrow. https://civilwarindex.com/armyoh/rosters/157th_oh_infantry_roster.pdf https://civilwarindex.com/157th-ohio-infantry.html
  4. Hello everyone! I am just wondering if anyone has pictures of a WW1 6th Marines helmet. I saw one a while back that had initials and was pretty neat. But since then have not seen any. Please correct me if I am mistaken but aren't the 6th marines the ones depicted in the famous Belleau Wood photo of the marines running through the mustard gas. Thank you. Below is an example of the helmet I am talking about and the picture of the marines in Belleau Wood.
  5. MattS I saw that helmet at the Dayton antique shop! It’s quite nice.
  6. I will give my input here since everyone has. I am closer to the newer generation then the older and I have seen the absolute stupidity of my generation which occurs in every single one but is more prevalent in mine. For example I was on a app called Let Go its a local version of eBay. This one listing for a M1 literally said this. Old Painted Bucket with cloth inside. I think it was my great grandfathers or whatever he just sat around when I went to see him he was as boring as rocks. Will only take a trade for a pack of mango Juul pods. It was a 1st division m1 helmet with painted insignia and a hood rubber liner. Needless to say some collector got him his mango pods as I was to late to take the pleasure in driving down to circle k and getting him some. But this is just an example of what I think is more to come. Its sad and the hobby is dying but as more and more "old buckets" start appearing I think us collectors that care will be able to have a field day. Collectors are dumping now for top dollar prices but in 15 years it might only be worth 1/3 of what someone paid for it.
  7. Do you think that as the new generations start to outnumber the current that the hobby will die and possibly drop to very low value for helmets? Thanks for the response.
  8. Had a quick question about prices of m1s in general I have not been in the hobby for a long time but has their been a increase decrease on value of them? Whats the deal with prices on all sorts of helmets fixed, swivel, insignia, I'D, early lot number, Schlueter etc. Hoping some collectors that have been in the hobby for awhile could answer that as I am curious. Thanks.
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