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  1. Yes, thank you for the comparison photos and your statement. They are both for archiving in my files.
  2. Now I'm not so sure. The snaps do not look right. Also, with the rust on the bails it should have stained the inside of the straps.
  3. Now we need to know if the male snaps are nickel plated. Personally the bails look good, notice the paint on the "feet" that match the inside of the shell and the rust. I also like the "dimple" in the rim.
  4. Yes, thanks for confirming the different locations of the markings. What I still need to confirm or refute is if the British 6 pdr projectiles were ever placed in U.S. 57mm m26 casings or if US 57mm m86 projectiles were placed in British 6 pdr casings. That is during the 1940-45 period. John
  5. Was it done in WW2 to match British 6 pdr casings with U.S. Ordnance 57mm projos or U.S. 57mm casings with British 6 pdr projos? The reason I ask is I have a 1943 U.S 57mm m86 APC round and need to know if I could mate" it with a British 6 pdr casing? Would this have been a reasonable combination seen during WW2?
  6. The GSGS 2738 Maps (Scaled 1:250,000) and GSGS 4249 (Scaled 1:100,000) are Strategic Maps most often used for planning operations not often finding use in the field. These are more commonly today today. Tactical maps (1:50,000, 1:25,000, 1:12,500) were used during operations in the field and many were worn out or deemed unnecessary once a region was occupied and troops advanced to other regions. My collection focuses on Tactical Maps as I see these being more difficult to find and more connected to combat troops and use in the field. I especially prefer maps that have indicati
  7. You think that the solid back Heller may be Post WW2? I always had hoped not but they do have that "frosting" on the highlights of the feathers. Still, I always assumed that all solid backed Paratrooper Badges were WW2 period.
  8. I know what you mean. Long hours at the stick and the body need to void!
  9. I wonder if there is any change to be found in between the seat cushions?
  10. For the man with deep pockets and a lot of time on his hands.
  11. Would like to know the differences, if there are any, between PTO and ETO U.S. Army camouflage uniforms used in WW2. Need to be "schooled" about both the shirts and pants. If there is a previous thread on this subject, receiving the link would also be very appreciated. Thank you in advance to all members! Regards, John
  12. The grenade is a Mk2 Training Grenade that was most likely originally painted blue. This can be determined by the size of the opening on the base of the grenade. The firing Device is a Combination Firing Device M6/M7. An interesting observation is that the Firing Device appears to be welded or soldered to the grenade. This combination would have been used as a booby trap anticipating pressure being applied to the trigger pin or a trip wire meant to pull the split ring firing the release pin.
  13. That's unfortunate news. I was hoping that this show had a chance with the low COVID-19 numbers we are seeing in Upstate NY. I was ready to do some serious buying with the money I have "burning a hole in my pocket".
  14. James, Its the Lot No. of that run of "spoons" by the manufacturer Eastman Kodak (EK). Btw, the spoon is for the last version, where the end hooks under the the fuse housing, of this type used during WW2. John
  15. In honor of this being the 75th anniversary of Operation Market Garden here are 4 of my tactical 1:25,000 maps where the 101st Airborne DZ are located. Each one shows consistent field use but are in fine condition attesting to the fine quality paper that was used for these GSGS maps. The maps are dated Sept. 44 and were produced for the Market Garden Operation These maps have hand written notations regarding positions. Two of the maps have the hand drawn tactical marks connecting the margins of each map. They were found in a Map Case just north of Nijmegen after the war. The Map Case was
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