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  1. This Blade Dated Kinfolks M3 with a Milsco M6 is being offered on eBay. Is it all legit? The M6 looks good but I'm not getting a good feeling about the blade. What do you all think? Here is the listing No. - 264999336097 Some pictures:
  2. Here are some close ups of the area from my original GSGS 4040 maps. The black squares indicate buildings. Perhaps this can help you with your search.
  3. Latewatch, You corroborated the information from DD regarding the replacement of the detonators on the M9A2. Thank you for the information about the M9A2 and additional photo. It was the designation from your photos that brought me to ask this question about the M9A2 characteristics. Do you know the purpose of the clamp placed between the stabilizer section and where the detonator was inserted?
  4. I have these photos that were posted by a fellow member showing a Rifle Grenade Designated as M9A2. Note the middle M9 (first photo) and the M9 (second photo) also identified as a M9A2. I would just like some clarification if such a designation was applied to these projectiles.
  5. What are the differences between a M9A1 and M9A2 Rifle Grenade? Thanks in advance for the information! Happy New Year to All!!!
  6. Those are really great pictures and it looks like you had a great time. Also, looks like you had some awesome BBQ. But where are the NASA Camouflage Uniforms? You know the ones for the Space Walks, and the Moon. I really want to see the experimental patterns for Mars!
  7. Robin, great observation. I did not notice that the equipment was all the same except for the top row.
  8. The yellow grenades in the photos are also Standard Frag MKII's. They're just the earlier yellow painted examples. Here is one from my collection:
  9. one50, Thanks for your comments that I am in full agreement with. The thing I'm trying understand is if the practice of one yellow grenade issued to each trooper was intentional and for what purpose. Here are two more photos:
  10. Want to share this 90th ID Map Case with contents including a 1:25:000 tactical map of St. Hilaire where the division advanced in the beginning of August. In addition to the map are pencils and a rectangular protractor. All comments and question are welcome.
  11. Nice to see the few different Woolie 2nd AD variations.
  12. aerialbridge, Yep that's me in the red. My dad who took the picture was a WW2 vet who served in the Persian Gulf Command, thus my avatar here on the FORUM. Here was my Christmas Gift that year:
  13. Merry Christmas to everyone on USMF! Blessings to all and a very Happy and Safe 2021! John
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