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  1. Hello, I recovered this belt M-1936 of what type or year of manufacture is it? thank you all!
  2. Hello! thank you for your information I will have studied this.
  3. Hello, I found this box of red wood compartmentalize inside a farmer he used to store tools the box is marked packing & processing it also seemed to contain handles I have no idea of ​​their use thank you!
  4. thank you ! for your identification the person who sold them to me certified that it was periode ww2 it saddens me that shark benefits as often in europe next time i will post here on the forum before buying
  5. Hello, I present to you my little collection of patches ww2 I am beginner in this theme it is 1 month I would like your opinion on the patches especially on the armor school is it well of period ww2? because by informing me I found that there was an armored patches with a S inscribed in it it makes me a little afraid for mine. thank you and great forum! Bulge44
  6. Bonjour à toi! Et oui elle est riche en militaria tout comme la France ! Mon arrière grand père était poilus à Verdun en 14-18 ma grand mère dans la Croix rouge française elle a soigné pas mal de soldats français et subit 2 mitraillage allemand Pour finir à travailler chez Citroën ne ce présentant plus à sont travail ont la menacé d’etre Deporté En Allemagne pour travailler elle a fuit la France pour atterrir en Belgique et ne plus rentrer en France Donc je suis un petit peu Français aussi hihi
  7. Thank you ! besides it misses one which I add following some research photos I managed to find the place where this German soldier was shot the place at the time was a parking for the vehicles of the 30th DI . Bulge44
  8. thank you the hardest is to find the exact place because with time it changes a lot. Bulge44
  9. Good evening, my name is jérôme I live in Belgium (Liège) I realized this reportage photos on one of my places of work it is about the city of stavelot (Province of Liège) in 1944 the 1st panzer SS kampfgruppe Peiper will attack he will stand against the 30th DI who will defend Stavelot with great courage! at the same time I want to thank the American people for the liberation of my region. Bulge44????. here are the photos:
  10. Hello, thank you for your welcome ! I live in Liège good day, Jérôme.
  11. Hello! my name is Jérôme I come from Belgium in I collect everything that revolves around the medical department ww2 and others us army ww2 Good for you! Jérôme??
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