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  1. Oh... Not that i know about. I ask here because i believed here are history experts.
  2. I´m russian and a guard in the russian embassy would be russian of course ^^
  3. Hello, maybe one can help me? I will participate in a short movie which will play in the year 1908. My role will be a guard in the russian embassy in USA. I would be happy if someone can name me what i would look like then, what uniform i would need ect. I know thats propably not so easy but i would thank very much.
  4. If you ever come back here you should consider visit eastern Russia. Lake Baikal and Kamchatka. It is absolute awesome there. I wish my country would do more for tourism.
  5. How do you know my city? Did you ever visit?
  6. Hello, my name is Stepan. I´m from Kaluga, thats a town roughly 3h away by car from Moscow. I know there is alot of misunderstanding between our countries currently and i would like to change a bit about that. I´m interested in technology and also military things. Beside that im a fitness and sports freak. I also like travel but never was USA.
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