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  1. I've had some helmets that were near impossible to see any stampings. It could be lightly stamped and when it was painted, it all but disappeared. Most of the time I've found the light marked ones by shining a flashlight on a angle before I could see any faint marks. Nice lid! Andrew
  2. Earlymb - Thanks! I never really looked into that truck. Here is a picture of a few more and a Diamond-T wrecker: Andrew
  3. Here's one of my grandfather behind the wheel of a 10 ton hauling a crane. Andrew
  4. He was an Engineer. He ran, transported, and fixed heavy equipment: cranes, D7 dozer, 5 and 10 ton trucks etc. We don't have a ton of any specific information on his service other than his driver's licenses, small discharge paper, engineering and language manuals etc. He has been gone for some years now and he never would talk about his service years much. I wish we would have asked more questions. Thanks for replying. Andrew
  5. For paint there is J. Murray, and also TM9 Ordnance which is also extremely close. I never thought of using blasting media so I just ended up buying the ground cork for a couple refurbs I've done. Andrew
  6. It is difficult to truly tell from pictures, but it looks correct. Most original used helmets people see/have are used and are 70+ years old so the paint is darkened. But there is some mint unissued ones around that pretty well show the true lighter color. I've had some chances at some in the past but didn't have the money at the time. Andrew
  7. I am just thankful for everyone knowledgeable here on this forum that is willing to help out collectors with less experience like my self. I'll definitely be coming here with my finds so hopefully I never get sucked into buying a fake. It is sad though what goes through some collectors minds. And just to make a few bucks too. I hope that the U.S. market never gets to the level of fakes there are in the Germans. Although even a small percentage is bad enough. Another sad part is, is that there are many times collectors that may not, or are not part of a forum like this one and you
  8. I'll second that one. Great read and incredible story! I am always interested in hearing stories from the other side. Andrew
  9. Both great reads, and both are in my bookcase/collection. I've thought about it before, but not quite to that level. Great insight and I definitely agree. I wonder if Sobel ever thought about it that way, or if Easy was more important? Guess we'll never know. Andrew
  10. Here is a picture of him before he was sent overseas: What is the timeline for the patch on his shoulder here? Isn't it just a standard engineer patch? There is some confusing dates with what patches were worn when, vs the dates my grandfather was wearing them. I'll have to start a new topic for help in researching my grandfather and his unit(s), but his papers say he wasn't a Tec 5 until he was overseas and there he is wearing that too before being deployed. Thanks to all the input from the above gentleman I am slowly learning! Andrew
  11. Thanks for that info! That is a bit confusing though because my grandfather was in France with the patch a month after it's use would have ended? He was in the ETO from April - December '46. Sorry for the photo quality, the discharge paper is very small. I am working on getting better pictures. Andrew
  12. Is there any specific timeline of when those patches were used? Andrew
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