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  1. Thanks to all that commented.. I really would like to find more information on the Uncle who brought this back, but I've seemed to hit a dead end.. I remember the woman calling him "Uncle Bud", but Bud could of simply been a family nickname.. On one of the postcards, from what seems was a sweetheart, the sender was from the Oklahoma City area (postmark) sending the card to Mr. Morton in a Military training center in Sept. of 1943.. My guess would be L.L. Morton was also from Oklahoma, but other than that I really can't find much information.. Any leads on where to find information??
  2. Here's the other picture that wouldn't load earlier plus another.. The Helmet is nice, but in far from perfect condition.. It's a small size ET66, and appears that one of the back Liner Bolts has been changed at some time, and Doyler, like you said, the strap was probably cut when removed.. I've also heard this form of Helmet removal called "Cadaver Cut".. I've owned this Helmet for going on 5 years now, and have never done anything to it other than removing the Grand kid's artwork..
  3. Have been a member of this site for a short time, and love reading and learning from all the knowledge on here.. I have been a collector of WW2 things for quiet some time and thought I'd share a find I came across a few years back.. One morning I happened to be the first one at a local Garage sale, and spotted the Helmet pictured, and quickly asked the owners what they knew about it... The Elderly lady said she had inherited some things from her Uncle some years back, and this was one of the things.. The Uncle had told her he had brought it back from the War, and always referred to it as "
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