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  1. I found this old arm band in a box of stuff. I'm trying to find out what it is... thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Pete
  2. I have for sale this rare US Army MD kerosene lantern that was made after WW l and before WW ll. Patent dates are in the 20's. It has the original globe and all the original parts. It will need a little cleaning up. $250.00 includes shipping.
  3. I will see if I can round up any of the other medals. Pete
  4. A hs classmate of mine (we are now 78 years old) recently sent this info to me and my question is: Is there any value to the medal and story and is there anyone interested in buying it? I have little or no knowledge of this subject. Thanks for any and all info. Pete "Marvin was working at the Ace Hardware store one day last month when a guy he knew came into the store. He and Marvin had collected arrowheads and Marvin asked him about his collection. He said that he had stopped collecting them and was finding metal objects now. He mentioned finding some Spanish American War medals an
  5. You can find my post on "New Members". The story of Kenneth has obsessed me for the past 18 months. I helped my wife's cousin clean out his basement (he was 90 years old and passed away about 6 months ago). All of the items in the group that Kurt has were in the basement, except the snake box and the home made archery bow. Those were in his garage. I first found the snake box and I asked Russell (the cousin) what it was and he told me that it had belonged to his wife's aunt's son, who was killed during the invasion of Tarawa. I later found the bow and Russell told me it belonged to Kenne
  6. I found this bayonet and I don't know anything about it, except I like it. Here are some pictures....maybe someone could recognize it and clue me in, thanks, Pete (what's it worth?) .
  7. Eddie Albert of Green Acres was at Tarawa with the Navy. He ferried wounded Marines back to the hospital ship.
  8. I have 2 groups of items. One is a group from a Marine who was killed in the invasion of Tarawa. Included in the group is a banner or guidon from Manuvers in Foxton, New Zealand where they trained for the invasion. Included on the guidon are the signatures of 36 of his fellow marines, 6 of whom died along with Kenneth during the invasion. The second group consists of a WW II duffel bag containing the uniform worn by my wife's uncle during the war. There are combat boots, socks, undershirts, hankerchiefs, pants, shirt and a field jacket. I will try to post some pictures
  9. I have the following certificate: On May 28, 1942, a distant relative of my wife's was awarded a certificate from The United States Navy, which reads as follows: “The United States Navy….hereby confers upon Kenneth Marcellus the honorary rank of Master Aircraftsman in recognition of war-time service in making in accordance with specifications approved by the Bureau….Scale Model Aircraft for use by the Government of the United States. The model was used by spotters. Kenneth was 17 years old at the time and a senior in high school in Brentwood, Mo.
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