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  1. Thank you! Yeah, I dont know why
  2. Hey all! I would love to get some opinions on these m42 trousers. Are they original ww2 reinforced m42 trousers (with missing pockets and missing straps)? Or fake / post war added reinforcements? Thank you for looking in advance! Airborne m-1942 reinforced trousers paratrooper
  3. Nice! Do you maybe have pictures of the troop carrier grouping?
  4. Hi, in 2016 a topic got posted about Capt. Anthony M. Stefanich' (82nd Airborne, K.I.A. Holland) items. I am currently in contact with the owner of the items in 2016 (He is still on the forum). He sold items of Stefanich, and I am currently looking for the buyer. My question is, does anyone have Captain Stefanich' items? if so, could you please send me a DM? Thank you, Kind regards Teun
  5. Hi, Can anyone help me with the white number painted on the case and the white - black - yellow drawings? It belonged to Thomas R. Talmadge, 438th TCG, 88th TCS. Does anyone know what it means? or what it is? https://prnt.sc/sjtsw7 https://prnt.sc/sjtt41 https://prnt.sc/sjtt9i Thank you very much for looking stay safe
  6. Also looking for the names of the rest of the crew Thank you.
  7. I am trying to find a picture of the C-47 (nose art / complete plane) Gazette R. I am the proud owner of the pilot's uniform, footlocker and a lot of personal items and I would love to have a picture of the nose art. I already have some pictures of the damage he had during his Tow mission into Bastogne. It was 439th TCG, 92nd TCS I hope someone can help me. Thank you Teun Airborne Troop Carrier c47 c-47 c 47
  8. Hello all, I am currently looking for the man who has the dog tags, medals and wing of Airborne Troop Carrier Navigator of 'The Argonia' Paul J. Foynes in his possession: http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/219749-paul-foynes-navigator-of-the-d-day-c-47-the-argonia/?hl=foynes I will probably never find him, but if I don't try asking I am sure I won't find him. I hope someone can help Thank you all, Kind regards Teun
  9. Picture of one of the laundry numbers stichted in his shirt, the family donated to my exhibition
  10. Picture of him I got from his family
  11. Mid November I have found an original jacket with an Artillery chest patch. There was a name written inside it, "T. Swirczynski ", and after some research I soon found a Thomas Swirczynski in the 377th PFAB. I immediately bought this jacket, and asked the seller if he maybe had more items from the garages sale where the jacket came from. Coincidentally, he also had a flag which was taken as a souvenir with the text: "377th PARACHUTE F. A. BN. 101 A.B. Div. Sept. 25 1944 ". This was the ultimate proof for me that it concerned Thomas B. Swirczynski, wich is also mentioned in a few books, includi
  12. https://gyazo.com/48eed4aec14fd76775156dbd63cfbaa1 Hope this helps
  13. hey! thx for the tips! im using Photoshop CS6 for the colourising
  14. I have just colourised a WW2 picture for the first time Its Milton E Schlesener Co D 505th PIR, 82nd airborne, made in Groesbeek on 17th of september 1944. Any tips for my next colourising? Regards, Teun.
  15. It is the right jacket, but the thing is the stamp. It's late war (started summer 1944, (so probably not used in Market Garden). I have also noticed the date label is out of the jacket, so you will never know what the exact date is.. Maybe that's why the label isnt there anymore..?
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