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    Been collecting patches since the early 1950's. USA, USMC & USN. Since I am retired I am slowly selling my collection before I get shot by a jealous 25yr old husband and my widow sells my patch collection for a nickel 98!
  1. It is for the 38th Air Defense Artillery Brigade.
  2. Here is the scan of the reverse. There is white glue residue on lettering. I put it there. My bad! The base material looks OG wool to my old eyes.
  3. Is this a real 1st Raider Company 8245th AU GHQ? Could it be for the for the 8th Army 8213th AU or 10th Corps 8227th Raider Companies? I've had it for years and years. I can't remember where or when I got it for sure but think I got it in the '50's in San Francisco. Like I said I am not sure. I just can't remember. (Getting old is a bitch and isn't for sissies!) I do know that I didn't pick it up from the 1980's to present White thread glows. White threads melt. Red threads burn. Patch is some what thin and soft and supple. For all I know it could be for a Community College Marching Band in TX! I will post a scan of the reverse. Can't fit it with this post.
  4. It is real. For 20 (I think I remember correctly) operational missions in the Korean DMZ. I got mine in '68 serving with 1/38th Inf. Wore the hangar on khakis and class A greens.
  5. Is this an original WW2 period or a reproduction piece? What was it used for? A plaque perhaps? It is painted on very, very thin OD colored material that I cannot ID. Paper and glue residue on reverse. I've had it since JC was a corporal in the horse cavalry. Thank you in advance for your help and opinions.
  6. I am guessing a USN unit (target drone?, sub & radar or sonar screen of some type) from mid '60's on. Patch is 4" in diameter. Not sure if orientation of scanned patch is correct or not. Thank you in advance.
  7. Birds (ducks?) probably a USN VP or maybe a VS squadron. I have no idea what the heck the TOADS patch is. Don't know if it is military or not. Got it years ago because it looked interesting. Thank you in advance for your help.
  8. Here is a Cape Gloucester patch. I think it is the real deal. Threads burn and it is a no glow (I know. Only a couple of tests. etc.) I remember when and exactly where I got it. It was the Summer of 1956 before I entered JrHS. It was in downtown San Francisco in a small souvenir shop that had a few shoe boxes filled with military insignia left over from WW2/Korea (I assume). It was on the north side of Market St. only a few buildings away from a movie theater. (That part of the block was torn down in the early '70's and turned into a street for easier access to Market Street.) This patch was in a box just with a few other USMC patches. This was the only Cape Gloucester patch in the box. (Something I had never seen before.) I bought all the USMC patches that were in the box that time. (I remember that I borrowed money from my grandmother to go to a movie and to get more patches.) Other boxes that on the shelf had army patches (I also picked up some one piece 13th Abn Div od bordered patches then. Another patch had never seen before) or DI's, rank insignia, those Navy inside the cuff decorative rectangle patches etc., etc. I know that the eastern patch mills were pumping out patches & selling old stocks of patches for years after WW2. If an Army/Navy or surplus store opened up they would need patches. So they would send in an order to a mill or mills and they would receive shoe boxes full of patches. I think the stores would have to take what was sent and not pick and choose. They'd get the shipment, staple a patch to the front of the shoe box and put the boxes of patches on the shelves. I welcome any an all opinions. Like I said earlier I am a jack of all trades and master of none! Thank you in advance.
  9. Thank you very much! Well, Germany is not a place I would not have guessed! Go figure! (See...jack of all trades and master of none!) How, in your opinion, should it be listed in an accurate and honest listing on eBay! Is it a reproduction, fake or an honest post war German made patch? Division was still active. The Marines stopped wearing shoulder patches post WW2 in the late '40's. I forget the year. In certain specific circumstances a US Army soldier who served as a Marine (no such thing as an ex-Marine or so they say.) could wear the patch as a combat patch. (I served w/ an Army LTC who wore a 1st MAW patch as a combat patch. He was a sergeant with 1st MAW in Northern China around '46 & '47 as one example.)
  10. I'm new here. I believe this to be an original WW 2 period made patch. (I am a jack of all trades and a master of none!) I am asking for educated opinions about the origin of this patch and any other opinions you guys might have about it. I don't know where this was made. Doesn't look like the typical US patch that were and still are made on the Schiffli/Swiss looms. Doesn't mean it wasn't made here. The yellow border is not normal on USMC patches. Doesn't look like the few Aussie made patches I've seen. Don't know if the 2d MarDiv ever was sent to Australia. I do know the 2d MarDiv spent a lot of time in New Zealand. Could this be a Kiwi made patch? Patch is thin, soft and very flexible. Back threads are a light gray. Taking a c lose look at the sides there are what looks like green thread end peeking between the yellow border threads. Threads burn and patch does not glow under black light. (only a couple of tests I know. Aneline dyes etc.) Most of my good USMC shoulder patches I picked up as a boy in the '50's in San Francisco from all the Army/Navy stores that were still in business on Market St. in the downtown. Also from surplus stores that my dad would take me to when he went looking for stuff! (not counting the couple of suitcases full of patches I got from Frank Fitzgerald at the end of shows back in the '70's.) Anyway.......... ! An identical patch is being offered on eBay for a bucket load of bucks! Not a 55 gal. drum load but a bucket load! The person listing says Aussie made. Thank you for your help.
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