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    Omaha, NE, USA
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    WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, Desert Storm, Germany (1870-1990), U.S. Military, Uniforms & Groups, Field Gear & Equipment, Awards & Insignia, Antique Firearms & Edged Weapons, Maps & Documentation.. Outside of collecting and not necessarily related to Militaria, Music, Web Design, Investigative Journalism, Creative Writing, Graphic Artwork and New Media Implementations are also my thing.

    But overall, working towards better defining ourselves and who they that came before us were, in what some call.. a "questionable sense" of Revisionist History, despite those who would see it as otherwise suspect, is simply us "newcomers" making a conscious, genuine effort to understand what is when what is --or better yet was-- actually real.

    Applying greater effectiveness to preserve the actual experiences of those lived it, and seeking to more accurately define the facts in purely empirical terms of a social science, is what we continuously strive towards. I'd like to be writing articles on Direct-To-Historical Experiences and Collector Reference Guides for publications like the Armourer (magazine) someday.. But first I got have enough money to remain comfortable, pay my bills and break bread all while developing our own collection and help others trying to do the same thing.. "one artifact at a time"

    Between myself (M.G.) and Pops (my dad/military collector for 35+ years), we also run a small family business called 'OTM', which is short for 'O-TOWN*MERCH', which is the DBA name for our official Company/Antique Shop title of O-TOWN MERCH LLC. People ask me what the hell OTM even means, and it's simply a jive alliteration of sorts on the name of our hometown (Omaha = O-TOWN), and one of the more ancient words for a seller of goods (Merchant = MERCH).

    So there it is; easy breezy. Working on getting a physical storefront, in the mean time we also have a website, an Online Auction house powered by eBay, and a Display Case (#164) out at the Brass Armadillo Antique Mall (BAAM).

    But we remain firm in our passion of being Collectors firstly, and dedicated Merchants to other fellow collectors like ourselves second. There's only THREE (3) kinds of people in this sort of chase: (1) Dealers, (2) Hoarders, and (3) Collectors.. We're certainly not either of the first TWO so whichever we are, is whatever out of those THREE is left ;) Happy Hunting.


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  1. Thanks dolyer. When I was comparing it to others, it seemed like that's what it was. But I wasn't sure because of those recessed cuffs. Unless, was there a B-9 Jacket and a B-9 Parka? Were they like two different things?
  2. Hello everyone; Recently been helping a friend sort through his collection of WW2 Stuff and we came across this unusual AAF Cold Weather Parka Jacket with a fur lined hood that's permanently attached to the jacket itself but zips up the middle to either leave it open on the sides, or closed down the middle to make it a hood. It has recessed cuffs and bears the AAF insignia stamped on the upper left sleeve, but it doesn't have a label with the stock number anywhere, there is a label that reads 36 Reg in the upper left pocket. Wasn't sure exactly what it's called and he didn't know ei
  3. Dirk - Great questions Dirk, I wish I had answers for them, hopefully someone else on here can clue us in. Good eye, yes it does feature the zig zag stitch must like the style used by the Germans. But I just haven't seen enough examples yet to give any sort of proper input on the subject. I did see an officers green dress tunic with the pinwheel SSI dated 1940 once, and that tunic had a zig zag stitch on the underside of the collar as well. But being an Officers tunic it didn't have any sort of provisions for the EM/NCO discs. My friend did say he had another tunic like this one lurking a
  4. Thanks manayunkman, it really is. Honestly it's the first and only one I've ever seen in the flesh. My buddy who I got it from had it packed away in a closet for like 40 years. Couldn't remember exactly where he got it, he thought it was maybe a garage sale.
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