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    I'm the great neice of PFC John K Mohrlang. Marine Battle of Tarawa KIA(Body not recovered). My cousin Gary Mohrlang (yes you're Gary - GLM) as most of you know was extremely active on this forum & in locating information. Thanks to my Dad, my uncles (AL, Raymond, Sam) & my grandpa (Reuben - the oldest of all the Mohrlang tribe & ineligible to join) & the many tales of their time in the military, a budding obsession began for me. I was not able to join the service due to a hearing issue. So I have spent my years doing family history, bringing the past memories back for my family to learn from & just to quench my thirst for knowledge. Now I want to do something seemingly impossible, I want help bring Uncle Johnny's remains home. I have varying reports from being taken aboard then "BAS" to "he was seen blasted & then maybe being hauled in to a med ship to being burned in his LVT. I have spent the past couple years compiling information & finding other sites. This endeavor has become very personal for me. My son is now an Airman currently in Alaska, but heading to Ogden in the Fall. My father is one of the last remaining Mohrlangs that still have memories of my Uncle Johnny, I want him put to rest at home for my Grandpa, my Dad, my son, all my various family members that served and most of all for my Uncle Johnny to finally be home.
  1. Thank you Bobgee! He definitely was a great guy from what stories I heard.
  2. Thank you all so much for all this information! You guys are amazing! ?❤️ Some of this, I already had compiled from my own searches & family genealogy but some I was very interested to note. I do have some letters from my Uncle Johnny (as well as a couple other brothers) that my dad was able to give me many years ago. They were very interesting to read. I miss ink to paper communications, it's a lost art form!
  3. I am Johnny's great neice. My dad's father was Rueben the eldest of the Mohrlang tribe. Gary was my second cousin (I think). I have had a passion for history, learning, and the like since I was a little girl. Thanks to my father's stories of his time in the Peace Corp (Borneo & Japan), my grandpa, and my Uncles' tales of their time in the war, stories of my Uncle Johnny's life, I find this passion turning into an obsession the older I get. My father is the last close descendant of Johnny and I am trying to find anything and everything I can about his last moments in hopes of bringing him h
  4. Hi, I am Johnny's great neice. My grandpa was Rueben, the oldest son & the one who was ineligible to enlist (although he darn well tried ?). My dad, Jerry, told me about Gary & his quest & interest in my Uncle's history. I am on my own quest to try & recover his remains & bring him home. I appreciate any help, guidance & wisdom! I have a son in the Air Force & my SO is retired AF, but still civil service here. I myself wanted to enlist but alas due to severe hearing loss as a baby was not eligible. I settled for ROTC in college for 4 years & absolutely loved it
  5. Good morning guys, sorry if I'm incorrect in asking but is there a way to know which guys were in which LVT for Operation Galvanic? I know my uncle was in one at H hour & was marooned on the reef & had to wade in, he was PFC John K Mohrlang KIA(no body recovered). I appreciate any help or guidance from your expert hands!
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