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  1. Hi Guys, here is Simon from Italy. Some days ago, a friend gave me this gyro horizon. I'd like to know if it's WW2 period and its value, if it's possible. In my area there were no plane crash but it's the 2nd item i found about a US plane. Sorry for my english...it's not so good. Hope you can help me Simone
  2. Thank you very much Inside the boot i don't see any date. Only a "12", in yellow paint...i think, the size. Simone
  3. Thanks for your answer Baron But I did not understand if these boots can be considered original wartime or not. In some pics on italian campaign (gothic line 1944-45), some GI were wearing a pair of boots like them. Simone
  4. Hi guys i'd like to know if these shoepac are original wwii or not. They came from a sale market in italy. Thanks Simone
  5. Many thanks for your helps. So, it's a nice find from italian campaign.... Even if i collect only german items........ Simone
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