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  1. What a fantastic grouping Mark, congratulations on your new acquisition!
  2. Fantastic, you have a real eye for displaying your collection, thanks for sharing.
  3. Great information, thanks again. Jon
  4. Thanks for the information guys, much appreciated. Jon
  5. I recently picked up this group of WWI campaign bars. Im thinking their British, but I was hoping someone might confirm that. Ive included a picture of a US bar for comparison. Thanks Jon
  6. Fantastic grouping, thanks for sharing, a real American hero!
  7. JGC


    Im having an issue with my pictures when I post from my IPhone. When I use my phone the pictures are straight up and down on both my IPhone and IPad, but there sideways in the post when I look at them on my computer. Why is it doing this and what should I do to correct it? Thanks Jon
  8. The large name tag in the center of the riker case was the tag he used on his Honor Flight to Washington DC. Thanks for looking, Jon
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