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  1. I would check everything you have that could possibly have come into contact with the moths. Make sure you thoroughly check your unforms, under the collar, inside pockets, any folds, etc.
  2. I certainly meant after the bug situation was dealt with, I would NEVER sell anything that I knew was actively infested. Still on the fence about selling any of it at this moment though.
  3. Carpet beetles are extremely small, black with minor color, and are about the size of the tip of a pencil. The adult beetles do no damage, just the larvae which are even smaller and look like miniature caterpillars. All of my uniforms were stored in a closet, hanging on wooden hangars. I found out about it while looking for a specific item I had stored away only to find the bugs chewing up a Japanese flag I had stored, after that I went through every bit of cloth I have and found new damage on a majority of it. I spent today boxing up my uniforms in plastic bins along with moth balls, which I
  4. Last night I discovered that pretty much every single one of my uniforms was infested with what I believe are carpet beetle larvae. Nothing has been totally ravaged, just new holes and what not. I've been looking at various solutions and have implemented a few, but at this point I'm on the fence about throwing my hands up and selling the whole lot off. What good is it if I go through all the motions just to miss one or two bugs and have the whole thing start over again? Anyone else ever had this problem? Probably going to focus on helmets and paper items from here on out.
  5. Looks like E. ? Measom to me. Really hard to tell.
  6. Just curious if anyone out there has read the book Hell's Guest by Glenn D. Frazier? In it he recounts the experience of the Bataan Death March and his subsequent imprisonment in various POW camps before being sent to a large one in Japan, as well as the personal problems he experienced after the war. Glenn Frazier was also one of the individuals featured in the Ken Burns series The War which came out a few years ago which was how I found out about his book. I read it in one sitting and thought it was a really interesting account and definitely recommend it to anyone interested.
  7. I know some of the WWII era cartoons have been released on DVD, such as Herr Meets Hare and Russian Rhapsody but I don't think any portraying the Japanese have been made available. This one is probably the biggest offender of all...
  8. That's a great poster! According to the TCM website they have shown it before.
  9. I just received my first negative feedback on eBay for a similar situation. The buyer won the auction, then took 2 weeks to pay and then filed a claim with eBay that he had not received his item. He couldn't speak English and what little communication he gave was in German, so after jumping through hoops for the guy I just ended up refunding him even though he got the item. The creep decided to leave me negative and personally insulting feedback anyway, which eBay refused to remove because it didn't meet their "removal guidelines" I hope this woman doesn't leave you negative feedback, it i
  10. Thanks for the replies! This particular stock almost ended up being sat on the curb for trash until I got a hold of it. Can you guys give me a ballpark figure on what these usually sell for?
  11. Hey folks, can I get some help getting a positive ID on this rifle stock? I really do not know anything about these, so any help is much appreciated.
  12. I like those Korean War era comic covers a lot! Most people are aware of the WWII era comics, but not so much about the 1950's ones.
  13. He wrote a small account of what occurred when the kamikaze struck the ship. He writes: "We were preparing to go over the side into Higgins boats when hit and the power went off. A destroyer came along side and gave instructions for us to proceed to the USS Ancon (AGC-4). The last I ever saw of the Hinsdale - the ship had been listed with the hole above the water line, as we went aboard the Ancon." He kept this letterhead as a souvenir from the Ancon...
  14. I recently found a couple of other things related to the Hinsdale and the attack off Okinawa, which my grandfather had kept. Here is his chow pass...
  15. Here is an interesting photo of the Hinsdale being towed after she was disabled by a kamikaze attack off of Okinawa on April 1st. My grandfather had this photo hanging on the wall in his living room for years, as he was one of the 1,500 Marines on board the Hinsdale when the attack occurred. Sorry for the glare on the photo, it is in a frame.
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