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    I had a researcher take a picture for me of the 308th Inf Company B since the NARA didn't scan it in yet! These are the officers of the 308th Inf Company B take cira Apr 1919 in Sablé-sur-Sarthe France and I was able to pinpoint it down to two officers who were 6 ft. Captain Walter Bartol from Indiana is in the middle with the Captain Bars.
  1. The person at NARA provided me with my Great Grand father Officer Commission Card which has lead me deeper into the 166th Infantry and 308th Infantry units and I was wondering if someone could help be decipher the hand writing. In the Remarks Line circled in red. I think it says "Pershing S.O. 272/1 or 272/4 which is a Special Order." And "Special Order 154/8 Hq Camp Sherman, O. I was wondering where I would find Special Orders at the NARA? Would it be under the unit he was transferred or in Headquarters orders ?. Trying to pin down some references. I have an idea possible in the 120
  2. If anyone is looking for Register of soldiers in Ohio that received medals here is the reference. Title Collection. Register of soldiers receiving medals for Mexican border service, 1916-1923 (bulk 1918-1919). [state Archives Series 69] Collection Catalog Number State Archives Series 69 Scope and Content Records names of soldiers receiving medals issued by the state of Ohio for Mexican border service. Also includes rank, unit, date issued, and address of recipient. Extent 1 v. Archival Arrangement Arranged alphabetically by surname. Creator Ohio. Adjutant General's Dept
  3. My Grandfather (10th Mountain Div 605th Field Artillery) once had these on his wall and I found them in the basement five of six which I have ID already, I'm having trouble finding this one and a flag. Wondering if anyone can help. I think it has something to do with the Merenti Military Merit Cross I found. 1. 1765-A German States Bavaria 1 Thaler World Silver Coin 2. 1925 German propaganda medallion, Wir für euch, ihr für uns 3. Military Merit Cross (Bravaria) 4. War Mertit Cross 2nd Class with Sowrds 1939 5. Iron Cross 1914 6. ? 7. ? There is also a flag or some sort my
  4. Need help AEF coat identification for both officers. I see at the bottom of the officer on the left there is some details.
  5. In talking with the family and the deeper I get into the research my family has found a picture of my Great Grandfather from the Great War. I am not sure when it was taken it has, but something is scribbled on it. Since the unit was in activated from the NG unit I understand why it is 4 G instead of the 166 G from the 42nd Div. Is there anywhere I can find these or replicas of them? I am designed a shadow box for him for the anniversary of WWI and a dedication to my Mom's side of the family. Thank you in advance.
  6. Good Bless the photo that was saved from Katrina. I recently found photos of my Great Grandfather in the 77th Div 308th Company B. I thought they were gone forever
  7. I found that the NARA has my Great Grandfather company picture. Pretty cool! Attached is a list of pictures available that could not be digitized I think.
  8. I found this on fold3.com through other research on hear from Earl Bright. I already know he was in the 42d 166th Inf and the 77th 308th Inf The Certificate is below anyone now what RWWS stands for? Does this stand for Regimental Wagon Wheeled Squadron? I'm trying to pinpoint if he was in the Mexican Border Expedition He had been enlisted Jan. 19, 1916
  9. Any of these veterans on the call I was wondering if I could find more detail? ----- BUDD, HARRY B. June 30, 1916 22.75 years 94092 BRIGHT, EARL E. January 19, 1916 21 years 94104 DAYTON, CLYDE W. June 27, 1916 26.9 years ----- DURNELL, KARL W. February 10, 1916 21 years ----- EVERHART, GEORGE G. February 24, 1916 22.25 years ----- FRENTZ, HERMAN L. June 16, 1916 22 years * Sept 20/18 94103 KANE, GERALD B., June 27, 1916 27.25 years ----- MCCOMB, KARL S. June 14, 1914 31 years **KIA Oct 18 1917** ----- SHEAFER, HARLEY F. February 16, 1916 31 years 94093 WILSON, HAROLD F. June
  10. As a board question could I go to the Library of Congress and find them or the WWI Museum? How would you find which one you have without the numbers? I do know this is a board question. Thanks in Advance!
  11. Would his serial number have anything to do with his service in the mexican punitive expedition it is 94092
  12. Thank you so much for the information. I am mainly interested if he was in the 77th 308th on Oct 1. I will have to do some research because the 42d I think might have been in training elsewhere
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