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  1. The Philippine flag has the blue stripe on the top during peace time and the red on top during wartime. A beautiful piece you have there. -Eric
  2. It's a good thing for the relations of both countries that the bells have been returned where they belong. Linn's works, in my opinion, are good for an analysis of US military policy but are weak with regard to the moral ramifications of those policies. His works are a bit right-of-center in this respect. Arnold, James R. The Moro War: How America Battled a Muslim Insurgency in the Philippine Jungle, 1902-1913. New York: Bloomsbury Press, 2011. Bain, David Haward. Sitting in Darkness: Americans in the Philippines. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1984. Gates, John M. Sch
  3. When I applied for the records before, I thought "Any and all records" meant that. I called the NPRC today with my original claim number and I have to do a new request to find out about the medals. Great collection of awards!
  4. P-59A, His record has all that you mentioned. So if he was in San Diego at the USNTS when Pearl Harbor happened, that would qualify him for the Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal? This is as complete as I can make it tonight. I'm going to call them tomorrow an talk to someone. Thanks! Enlisted 13 Oct 1941 Entered Group II School 31 Oct 41 (It isn't really clear exactly what took place between these dates. I imagine processing, PT, Marksmanship, etc) Entered Class: 1 Dec 1941 Separated from School 23 Mar 42 Radioman class 3. (Can't explain gaps) Shi
  5. Let me introduce William Millard Caldwell. He was my father's paternal grandmother's uncle. What I know about him (according to my uncle) is that he was a mule skinner. Then there's the claim that came from somewhere about him being the sole-survivor, which is an erroneous claim that somehow made it to his obit. What I have for you is a scan of a document that is currently in my sister's possession that was created by Pennsylvania author M. I. McCreight, also known as Tchanta Tanka. It is a picture of William Caldwell shaking hands with Chief Eta Wasta. This was found in my grandfather's h
  6. Thanks to everyone for all the help. He passed away in 2006 and after finding his father in-law's WWI paperwork I decided to petition for him to have a footstone. When we got his records we noticed that he had been awarded two of the medals. I promptly applied for them and we received the group above. A couple of months ago we found some pictures of him in uniform and noticed the device on the ribbon. His military record doesn't mention what campaigns he was in. The closest information is just what ships he served on and when. Looking up the mission of his ships in various places and us
  7. Why wouldn't the Navy have sent me ribbons with devices? What is also interesting that I mentioned in another thread is that his military record only shows that he was awarded two medals, and based on my research looking at the mission of the ship and his time aboard I don't really know for sure that he served in the Pacific.
  8. I'm putting a shadowbox together for my grandfather's WWII stuff that he never got issued in his lifetime. An old picture we have shows that he had some ribbons on his uniform, one of which had a device on it that I believe to be a star. When the Military sent us all of his medals, the ribbons didn't have the device. If he had a device on his ribbon and I purchase one to affix to the ribbon that was sent me after his death, will the corresponding medal have that same device on it as well? Also, which ribbon holder should I purchase for WWII ribbons? I probably need 2 triples and a sin
  9. Bruce, I know it seems like it should be straight-forward, but his military records don't list many of those awards. I was surprised that they included what they did because I was only expecting the one. I'm trying to be absolutely certain that I don't include a ribbon in the shadowbox that he didn't earn because this is a Christmas gift for my mother. Thanks, Eric
  10. Any more want to see if they can guess the ribbons?
  11. Thanks for the replies so far. So this is WWII, he was a Radioman in the US Navy for the full duration of the war. I have his records, with several of the original documents. I used those to get his medals which were never issued. He received: European-African Middle Eastern Campaign American Campaign Asiatic Pacific (though strangely based on what ships he served on and when, I can't determine that he should have received this award.) American Defense Good Conduct WWII Victory Medal They included the following with the medals: Combat Action Ribbon Honorable Discharge
  12. I'm fairly certain the one on the right is an American Defense Ribbon. The one in the middle I can't figure out if that is an arrowhead or a star. Thanks! Eric
  13. Thanks, everyone. This was a test of the framing shop that is around the corner from my house to see if we want to take my grandfather's war medals to her. Kurt, Yeah, one of the members here reported that the number is off the charts.
  14. Type II USWV Badge Military Order of the Serpent Supreme Convocation (1912) Philippine Signal Corps Ladder Badge Philippine Congressional Medal.
  15. Thanks for the welcome everyone.
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