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  1. A tip in case it helps anyone else: The pictures above show a replacement visor I found on ebay. The original visor has a rubber strip on the bottom edge, to protect the pilots face from the possibly sharp edge of the visor. I found I was able to remove the rubber strip from the original visor by gently pulling it away. I installed the rubber strip on the new visor with Weldwood contact cement. The cement was very messy, but after it dried it was easy to cleanup the mess with Xylene. The Xylene did not damage the visor at all.
  2. I thought you guys might enjoy this... I found this card Dad received when he competed his helicopter training: And here is the back, it is pretty strange! But this must have mean something to the pilots at the time.
  3. Thanks everyone! For the record, here's Dad in a P-40 And in a P-38 Sadly, we have no pictures of him in a helicopter.
  4. Thanks Mariner! Hey, is it possible to date the helmet using the the S/N in the first picture, or the contract number? I'm guessing it is pretty early as Dad was out before 1960.
  5. Thanks to 72PSB, I was able to find the parts I needed and I reassembled Dad's old APH-5 today. Thanks Bob! I have one question: The visor itself seems to fit perfectly, but apparently I don't know where or how to assemble the copper/brass spring clip. It was getting in the way. Does anyone know exactly how this is supposed to be mounted? And is there supposed to be one on each side? (I only have one.)
  6. Dad was in the Army Air Corps through to the USAF. He did well in flight school and was held in the USA to be an instructor during WW2. He flew T6 Texans, P40 Warhawks, P38 Lightnings, P-51 Mustangs and other stuff. At the end of his career he took helicopter training and said it was the hardest thing he did after 10k+hours in planes. In confidence, he actually told me that he thought they passed him in helicopters because they knew he was on the way out to civilian life. ;-) Eventually high blood pressure knocked him out of the air reserve. The blue/green foam was something silly I did as
  7. I should also add that I will need a mike and boom, and the cord has been cut off the helmet. I'd like to replace that stuff too.
  8. Here is a picture of the missing ear cup area. Can anyone date this helmet from that tag?
  9. I have my Dad's old helmet and I want to restore it. Well, really I just want to bring it back to "functional" condition. I certainly would never repaint it. The visor is gone and the knob to adjust it is also lost. And I remember that back in the 1970s Dad removed the headphones as he was going to try and use them with a HAM radio project. So... I was able to buy a new visor, but I am not sure exactly what knob and hardware is needed to hold the visor. - Does anyone have a picture of the proper knob and the hardware that goes under/over the visor? Any chance anyone has an extra
  10. THANK YOU ALLAN! Its great finally know what this is!
  11. I found this with my Dad's old medals. Everything else was easy to identify and was Army / Army Air Corps from the WWII era. There are no markings. At first I thought it was a heart, but it does look much more like an arrowhead. I guess there is a chance it is non-military... but as I said, everything else in the box was from his uniforms. It would be great if someone could help me identify this! Thanks, Carl
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