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  1. US Air Force units assigned to the Alaskan air Command fell under the Alaskan Command back in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The person that wore the jacket was probably assigned to the Alaskan Command HQ. USAF personnel wore the US Army Good Conduct Medal and Ribbon up until 1963 when the Air Force got their own medal and ribbon. Mark
  2. Lineage of the squadron 1st Reconnaissance Squadron (Heavy) 1940-1941 391st Bombardment Squadron (Heavy) 1942-1945 91st Air Refueling Squadron (Medium) 1950-1963 91st Air Refueling Squadron (Heavy) 1963-1987, 1988-1991 91st Air Refueling Squadron 1991-present 391st and 91st consolidated in 1985 I think this style patch( the reversed colored one) was used by the 91st Air Refueling Squadron (Medium) up till 1952 when a new patch was approved. It shows the reversed style patch in the lineage of the 91st. Mark
  3. The blue patch with the Cross and Tablets of Stone with the eagle on top, belongs to the Department of the Air Force, Chaplain Service. Mark
  4. The blue Check Six patch belongs to the 497th Tactical Fighter Squadron. Mark
  5. The 37th Flew the Jolly Greens, HH-3s and HH-53s From 1967 to 1972. Then flew HH-43 Huskies 1971 to 1972. The beaver patch is from when they moved to Francis E Warren AFB Flying UH-1 Iroquois 1973 to 1988. Then they changed the patch again to a UH-1N Iroquois over a globe 1988 to present. Mark
  6. #1 belongs to the Unites States Air Forces 6511th Test Group (Parachute). Mark
  7. The patch belongs to the 6593rd Test Squadron (Special) Mark
  8. Like Bearon ID'ed, It's the SAC patch which belongs to 93rd Air Refueling Squadron (Heavy), 93rd Bombardment Wing out of Castle AFB.
  9. The 71st BS(T) was out of Laon Couvron Air Base in France flying B-57B Canberra's from 1955-1958, A nice patch. Mark
  10. This Belongs to the 71st Bombardment Squadron (Tactical) Mark
  11. Here is another form this set of patches I picked up that I need help with. NATO with a R. Thanks Mark
  12. E-3 GINS "Integrated Navigation System"
  13. Command, Control and Communications Countermeasures
  14. Need some help identifying who these patches belong to. Thanks Mark
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