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  1. Just curious if any of the mattresses are still around. Thanks
  2. if your going to remove the webbing you need a drill to drill out the rivets. thats if you want to replace the webbing.........there is several places like j murry inc 1944 that sell webbing that was taken out of orignal lines that the line was messed up but webbing was good..and as for sewing it it all depends on what you want to do with it. if you want it as a survivor i would leave it as is. if u want it to look new then i would put a good used webbing in it with a new paint job............what ever you decide good luck
  3. great helmet. i like it just the way it is and if it were mine i would leave it just the way it is.
  4. Scarecrow thats a good question. I need to find one to. The only one I can find are newer ones
  5. Is the.date on the end or side of the frame
  6. Thank you. That is the style I have but only one. It does not have any date on it though.
  7. Does any one have any pictures of ww2 or korean war beds. I just bought a bed . On the end it says us and on the in side it says jones & laughlin. Trying to put together of a display of a army barracks. Thanks dor the help
  8. in my opinion it apears to be a late vietnam issue helmet................could be and unissued early 80s
  9. like it dose not match the condition of the helmet
  10. i like it. it looks to me like the helmet and liner was put together after the helmet was found. and it just my opinion but it looks like the unit marking was reaplied around the same time.it looks to me like the marking dose mathe the condition of the helmet. you can see what looks like one of the markings in the one pic
  11. forgot to mention possible ww2 or korean war
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