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  1. This photo is captioned as Alan Sheppard after the Green Pawns became VF-4B (briefly). On a Midway class carrier, likely the FDR.
  2. Pulling up a very old post, but here goes. This looks like it could be BuNo 97056 of VBF-82 piloted by Lt. Charles W. Meshier. Lt. Meshier had an accident on landing on the USS Randolph October 24 1946. If the OP is still here, any chance you can pick out the BuNo from the side view of the a/c going over the side? Also, I'm curious if with the original photos you can make out that the F4U-4 coming in high is the same as the three photos of the a/c going over the port side? It looks like it might be, but the LSO station on the high shot doesn't seem to match the background of the second ph
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