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  1. Really love this, the period pic is superb!
  2. Got to love a sealed pattern ?
  3. I think Joe is right about this. Some Early Brit DPM uniforms had US and Canada sizes on the labels for a short time I believe.
  4. ?. Don’t think I’m going anywhere for a while mate ?
  5. That gold’s a screamer Owen, love it! Hope you’re all staying safe ?
  6. Thank you gentlemen for your kind comments, Ive been lucky enough to own some lovely 19th and red ball pieces over the years but have to say that I think this is the nicest. Many years ago I had in my collection a tomahawk patch with the added rockers but I believe this is the only bullion example Ive ever seen. The fact this jacket turned up a couple of miles from me has really blown my mind and I feel so lucky to have come across it, Im just hoping that the family can find the medals so I can at least photograph them . Once again, thank you for all your kind words and interest Very Best Regards to all, Guy.
  7. I was very fortunate In the holidays to pick up this lovely Ike jacket from the son of the veteran who lives locally to me. The bullion badges are pretty spectacular and are German made I believe. The Veteran himself was English but was born In the USA so I believe may have held dual Nationality. Weather he was called up or volunteered I do not know, In fact details about him are quite sparse altogether. What I did learn from his son was that his name was Douglas Foster Bentley and he was born I believe In approximately 1924, he passed away In 2013. Apparently the family still have his medal grouping which has a Purple Heart, I am hoping they will be able to locate them. I don't know If anyone would be able to tell me more about this gentleman, It would be very much appreciated If so. I hope you guys like this as much as I do. Yours, Guy.
  8. Fantastic footage, thank you for sharing It
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