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  1. Thanks Owen, glad you like It. Those BP Pieces are excellent. Great trousers Bob. Yours, Guy.
  2. Great thread Owen! Heres a nice 46th brown dom.
  3. Really love this, the period pic is superb!
  4. I think Joe is right about this. Some Early Brit DPM uniforms had US and Canada sizes on the labels for a short time I believe.
  5. ?. Don’t think I’m going anywhere for a while mate ?
  6. That gold’s a screamer Owen, love it! Hope you’re all staying safe ?
  7. Thank you gentlemen for your kind comments, Ive been lucky enough to own some lovely 19th and red ball pieces over the years but have to say that I think this is the nicest. Many years ago I had in my collection a tomahawk patch with the added rockers but I believe this is the only bullion example Ive ever seen. The fact this jacket turned up a couple of miles from me has really blown my mind and I feel so lucky to have come across it, Im just hoping that the family can find the medals so I can at least photograph them . Once again, thank you for all your kind words and interest
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