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  1. Who is the master faker Thailand eBay Weller?
  2. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Set-of-2-NOS-unissued-mint-Vietnam-1964-dated-shelter-half-tent-pole-adapters/193472425920?hash=item2d0bdaefc0:g:rNMAAOSwEORbc6YS https://www.ebay.com/itm/Adapter-Tent-Pole-Berg-Half-Tent-US-Military-Tent-Pole-Vietnam-1967-x2/373046478555?hash=item56db4d86db:g:VesAAOSwWz5cCUXl
  3. I'm sorry, i meant the "2man mountain tent" not the arctic. My mistake... It was introduced in 1942 for use in cold weather conditions. https://olive-drab.com/od_soldiers_gear_mountain_tent.php The tent have a tunnel entrance so they made the v-shape pole adapter.
  4. These adapters are for the "Arctic 2 man tent". Use this as a keyword. Lars
  5. As far as i know sterile pouch for various magazines of non US weapons like the Sten, Swedish K etc. But used also from indigenous tribes worked with the Green Berets. I think some of the SOG- Gurus like Paul Bish could say more about.
  6. Looks Like a Ciso-pouch for MACVSOG, but the most pouches i've seen have strap closure at the main flap not with Lift the dot's.
  7. Yes, you could be right. I never thought about a rifle sling.
  8. Some years ago i got a jacket and pants from eBay but not the poncho. I think it's hard to get by these items, does somebody now how many sets were produced? Is there only the jacket, pants and poncho? On some pics it looks there's a alice pack cover too but i never found any information about it...
  9. Tested in exercise "Urban Warrior" by the Marines but never adopted. Called T-pattern, Block pattern, T-pat etc.
  10. The only thing missing is the helmet cover. But it's out there somewhere...
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