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  1. Stijn, Made any progress on the Thompson? Or did I miss the endresult?
  2. Stunning finds!! Is really amazing that so much equipment is still beneath the ground.. Just great!
  3. Great topic again! Very nice relics Yannick.. Keep up the good work!
  4. A truely AMAZING find!! You were very, very lucky there my friend! Nice job!
  5. My condolenes to the family, may Gary rest in peace.
  6. Oh, excuse me.. Tought the topic was meant to show M42 pics instead of your own M42s.. Don't have one yet.. Srry
  7. Doesn't make any sense why M42s are so hard to find these days.. D/2/506PIR F/2/506PIR
  8. I don't have a good feeling about this one.. Fake I'd say..
  9. Looks OK on first sight.. Got any pics of the buckles?
  10. Well, looks like this liner haven't seen any WWII action at all.. Date of enlistment of NUGENT, HENRY, F, JR was 11/19/1945.. Way to overpriced.. Better pic:
  11. Looks like a Westinghouse to me.. Not worth 860 USD.. Got any better pics?
  12. Again, just great! Very, very nice collection you got there!
  13. Indeed King802.. Seller named Catmando45 useually knows very well what he's selling.. But doesn't know what he's selling right now.. Crap!
  14. No, it's not mine.. It's on eBay.. Thanks for the confirming comments!
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