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  1. Not a clue. Really haven't discovered a lot about him. But al photos I've found are 2n pattern jacket or class As and MG.
  2. Correct. Doesn't appear to ever have had one sewn on the right sleeve.
  3. Another photo I found of a Gen. Forsythe. Captioned as 1st Cav division commander 1968.
  4. Anyone have any information on this Gen. Forsythe? I've not been able to locate very much other than a few blurbs of him receiving an appointment to a position by Gen. Abrams.
  5. Here's a closer pic of the shoulder patch.
  6. Should have said patch on my jacket looks in country made.
  7. Thanks for the replies. This pic is supposedly of the same gentleman (to left of Abrams). However different jacket. Shoulder patch does have that in country made appearance to it.
  8. Received this from a friend last night. Came from his step fathers house. He's not a collector, nor was his step father. Jacket was in a trash bag in a trunk in the garage. There's no sign of any other patching previously on the jacket. I'm leaning towards it being legitimate because of the randomness of a put together and not being overly flashy, but I've been wrong before. Haven't really collected patched items as a focus.
  9. David


    Who made the M41 jackets? I got a few and I'm thinking they're ATF judging the only thing left on them ID wise is the size tag.
  10. Who made the M41 jackets? I picked up a couple in a few of the lots. Everything else has some legible tags, but all of the M41s I got only have the sizing tag and look like ATF repros.
  11. Too bad my 8 year old one from you guys still has life left in it.
  12. Yet most factory ARs come from the factory with full auto bolt carriers. There's are many newer letters.
  13. And putting in a m16 selector switch, hammer, disconnector, and trigger will not make an ar15 full auto. ATF have plenty of published letters regarding it.
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