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    Long time collector. Interests: Firearms, Edged Weapons, Militaria: WW1 to present. Not a dealer, however I can see the day when I'm going to have to start parting with some of this stuff.
  1. I would say it would be a pretty safe bet to go with the B-3 Jacket for that time period. Good luck!
  2. In the end, it's up to you, and whatever you can afford. The Eastman's are well made, and quite accurate. They are also expensive. I got mine slightly used so that helped. I have a Rickson B-15C (modified) that I like a lot also.
  3. One thing to remember, these jackets are not cut oversize like today's. They are pretty much "slim and trim" like they were back then.
  4. I can't comment on the other brands, but here is my Eastman/Roughwear A-2.
  5. Oops, is this it? Looks like it may be an unofficial version.
  6. Is this the emblem you need? 761 B.S.(H). It's a leather patch. I believe this is correct.
  7. The insignia was found in a book called " U.S. Service Symbols", published in 1942. It comes in handy at times. I found mine on e-pay.
  8. I'm going to say the photo on the right is a Douglas O-38, judging by the canopy design, and he is sitting in the rear seat. I'll see what others think. No idea what the one on the left is right now.
  9. Sure looks like the patch doesn't it. Also the canopy has a brace running down the middle.
  10. Concerning the photo on the right; note how the canopy framing is angular instead of curved. That should be one identifying feature. Most canopies you see from this time period are curved. I think he is in the back seat. Not ready to take a guess yet.
  11. Congratulations, nice find. Judging by the AMARC inventory code (AA FN0046), this is 58-0903 at Gila Bend. I found this on the internet. 903 entered AMARC 3 April 1984 and departed to the Goldwater range at Gila Bend 10 November 2003.
  12. It may go back into the B-47 era also.
  13. 43rd Armament & Electronics Maintenance Squadron. From the B-58 Hustler era.
  14. Looks like it came off an Airsave vest. I believe they are still being used.
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